Friday, October 21, 2011

The End Of CCP's War On Bots?

One of the 20% laid off by CCP on Wednesday was CCP Sreegs.  Among other things, CCP Sreegs was in charge of CCP's War on Bots™.  CCP could afford to wage all-out war on botting when times were good, but with the massive subscription drop that led to the layoffs, can CCP continue the war?

I expect that all offensive action against botters will now end.  In my opinion, CCP will continue to take action against those reported through the use of the "Report Bot" button, but that is about it.  If players don't like botters, they will need to wage the war themselves.

Edit: The information about CCP Sreegs being laid off is based on the empty dev bio on the Eve Online site.  However, Misty Matonis, the former CCP Fallout, says Sreegs was not laid off.  I'm glad I'm wrong.


  1. That sounds like more fun anyhow.

  2. I have heard conflicting stories, either that he has been laid off, or that he hasn't. So: [Citation needed].

  3. Citation provided that Sreegs was not laid off.