Monday, October 31, 2011

Starting My Third Account

With the reintroduction of the Power of 2 promotion I went ahead and signed up for a third Eve Online account.  Why not?  I need another industrial alt and I've grown attached to both Rosewalker and Wandering Rose and do not want to stop either of their training.

So, what exactly do I look for in an industrial alt?  First, the pilot needs to fly cargo ships because I don't want my main characters to have to haul small to mid-size cargoes.  Eventually the alt will need to be able to fly a blockade runner because I'm a carebear and I'm not hauling cargo through low-sec in something that can't cloak.  Next, the alt needs to aquire planetary interaction skills.  I am looking at making two alts to run PI colonies to free up Rosewalker and Wandering Rose to wander the universe.  Planetary Interaction is a nice source of income, but the feature has also tied me down pretty firmly to Metropolis and Heimatar.  Third, I need research and invention skills.  I really want to get into making more blueprint copies and perhaps more data core farming.  And finally, I want my alts to be able to mine.  We'll see how much patience I have with trying to get all of the skills in place.

Having decided what purpose the alt would serve, I then had to decide what race to make her.  Yes, her.  I'm not sure why, but in New Eden women are smarter in business than men.  So I'm following the stereotypes and making my industrial characters women.  Anyway, my choices came down to Amarr or Gallente?  Why?  Because I want my pilots to fly blockade runners that can carry packaged cruisers, which limits the choices to the Prorator and the Viator.  And since I'm in danger of having bad relations with the Amarr, I decided I needed an alt that could fly through Amarr and Caldari space just in case.

Now my roleplay background comes into play.  I needed to find a plausible Amarr background that would fit into the Khumaak Flying Circus.  I think I found it with the combination of Ni-Kunni Border Runners.  According to Evelopedia, here is the basic background of my alt:
"With the exception of the Khanid, the Ni-Kunni were assimilated into Amarr society far more easily than the majority of Amarrian conquests. Conquered more than 1000 years ago by the Amarr Empire, only a small minority would still be considered 'enslaved' by the rest of New Eden. Their home planet of Mishi IV in the Aridia Region is an inhospitable place, dry and desolate. The Ni-Kunni attribute their innate resilience and strength to the challenge of merely surviving in this harsh environment. Most Ni-Kunnis are tradesmen and artisans - occupations traditionally eschewed by Amarrians, but still a vital part of their society."

"Ni-Kunni females are deceptively engaging individuals. Harboring an innate suspicion of others, they often use their charm to probe people for weaknesses. They are masters of reading intentions and motives while disguising their own emotions, and thus find gainful employ in numerous professions, legal and otherwise. Beneath their measured and delicate manner, Ni-Kunni women are more sly and cunning than their male counterparts."

"The Amarr Empire imposes strict trading rules with other races, all but encouraging smuggling operations to flourish. The wily Ni-Kunni are experts when it comes to exploiting black market opportunities, and have spent generations perfecting their smuggling methods."
That sounds exactly what I was looking for.  I figure that a Ni-Kunni could plausibly oppose slavery within the Amarr Empire so would fit in with the Circus.

So now that I created the alt, I just transferred all the cash I needed to the alt and won't play her for a couple of weeks until the skills train, right?  Wrong.  Perhaps I'm being foolish, but I decided I wanted to see just how fast a new character could get up to speed with planetary interaction with no outside help.  So far, I'm doing pretty well, I think.  I did the Military, Industry, Exploration and Business tutorials.  I have bought all the skill books I need except for Planetology, which is rather expensive.  But I have enough isk in my wallet to not only buy the book but set up my first colony once I finish the training in about a week.  The only thing I have to decide is whether to keep my alt in Kor-Azor a few jumps from Amarr or transfer her to the Ammatar region of Derelik.  She is a Border Runner, so that border region seems like a good roleplaying place to put her.  Well, and the fact that the region is just a couple of jumps from Rens.  If I do that, I'll need to have Rosewalker take the Orca to Amarr and pick up all the ships I've acquired.  An excuse to fulfill some long haul courier contracts?  I might make some money out of the move.

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