Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh My God, CCP Nerfed Chribba!

While I was in Bulgaria CCP published a dev blog about the upcoming capital/supercapital changes.  Just a few days before Chribba celebrated his 1 year anniversary of holding sov of the 9UY4-H system in Providence Sunday, CCP let loose the information that the Veldfleet, Chribba's capital/supercapital mining fleet, was about to be nerfed to hell and back.

The changes that affect the Veldfleet the most are those eliminating the drone bays from all titans and dreadnaughts.  That move will affect the four known titans Chribba owns.  According to the latest available intelligence, Chribba fits his Avatar-class titan, The Veldatar, with 5 Modulated Deep Core Miner IIs and 5 Mining Drone IIs.  When I put the fit into the Eve Fitting Tool, I discovered that the fit would mine 859 m3 of veldspar per minute given all skills at level 5.  Unfortunately for Chribba, 36.4% of that total was brought in by the use of the mining drones.  While I know that EFT does not take into affect such things as travel time to and from asteroids and times when combat drones need to be deployed to fight off rats, when the drones are deployed they can gather 312.5 m3 of veldspar per minute.

The situation is even worse for Chribba's dreadnaughts.  Dreadnaughts like the fleet's famous flagship The Veldnaught, stationed in the Amarr system, can only mount 3 mining turrets (and the Minmatar and Caldari dreadnaughts mount less).  According to EFT, assuming that The Veldnaught is still equipped with ORE miners and 5 Mining Drone IIs, taking away the drone bays cuts the maximum possible mining yield of the Revelation-class dreadnaught (excluding fleet boosters) from 594 m3 per minute down to 281 m3 per minute if all skills are trained to level 5.  Ouch!

Would CCP really do that to Chribba?  I hope not.  Hopefully CCP will mitigate the loss of mining power by introducing some new extra-large mining lasers suitably for use on capital ships.  Hey, CCP Zulu did say that new T2 items were going to be introduced in the winter expansion.  Since he didn't list them, we can hope that Chribba will have some new toys to play with.

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