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Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Patch Notes - Cities, Zones, Role and Job Quests

Today Creative Studio III published the preliminary patch notes for Dawntrail on The Lodestone. I thought I would try to cover the patch notes similar to what I have done for the last few EVE Online expansions. I have to put in similar because I do have a real life job and CCP drops their patch notes on Fridays so I have the weekend to work on them.

One week before the launch of Dawntrail

This first post in the series will cover the information about the new cities, field areas (aka zones), role and job quests found in Dawntrail. I found a few tidbits of interest that applies not only to the zones in the New World but along the way as well. Almost as if Yoshi-P wanted to streamline the game a bit to make catching up to current content a little easier.

New Cities And Field Areas - I almost went with the term zones, but if the developers want to use field areas, I won't argue. Dawntrail is adding two new cities, Tuliyollal and Solution Nine. From what I can tell, Tuliyollal is the main city of the expansion and Solution Nine will be the focus of activity for content at the end of patch 7.0.

Creative Studio III also added five field areas. They are, in the order presented in the patch notes:

  • Urqopacha
  • Kozama'uka
  • Yak T'el
  • Shaaloani
  • Heritage Found

If I had to guess, the order listed above is the order players will travel as the progress through the MSQ. At the very least, Heritage Found is the final field area of the expansion. 

And a very important note for those still travelling through previous expansions. The number of aether currents in all Endwalker areas has been reduced. Those currently adventuring through Endwalker zones who meet the new aether current requirement will be granted flying when Dawntrail goes live for them.

Role and Job Quests

Yes, a new expansion brings new main scenario and side quests. But players should look out, and even seek out, the following quests.

Thanalan - Bottled Fantasy. With a new race (female Hrothgar) comes a new quest to get a phial of Fantasia to make the switch. For those wanting a free Fantasia, go to Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:13.4 Y:9.2) and visit the Medicine Merchant to accept the quest. The only requirement is the character to have finished the the main scenario quest "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn."

Role quests - Players will have access to role quests once completing the Uncouth Customers quest from Br'uk Evu in Tuliyollal (X:12.4 Y:14.5). The patch notes did not specify at what point in the MSQ the quest becomes unlocked. But once unlocked, completing Uncouth Customers unlocks 5 new quest givers.

Tank (Paladin / Warrior / Dark Knight / Gunbreaker)

  • Talking to Loazenikwe in Tuliyollal (X:12.9 Y:15.0) unlocks the first quest, The Narwhal Beckons

Melee DPS (Monk / Dragoon / Ninja / Samurai / Reaper / Viper)

  • Talking to Shashepya in Radz-at-Han (X:11.8 Y:14.9) unlocks the first quest, The Hunter and the Hunted

Physical Ranged DPS (Bard / Machinist / Dancer)

  • Talking to Raholl Ja in Tuliyollal (X:12.5 Y:15.0) unlocks the first quest, To Steal a Steelhog

Magical Ranged DPS (Black Mage / Summoner / Red Mage / Pictomancer)

  • Talking to Tsuuhe in Tuliyollal (X:12.8 Y:14.8) unlocks the first quest, Power Forgotten

Healer (White Mage / Scholar / Astrologian / Sage)

  • Talking to Nyipine in Tuliyollal (X:12.0 Y:15.0) unlocks the first quest, In the Sting of Things.

Job Quests - As is custom, the developers added a series of job quests for the two new jobs in Dawntrail, Vipers and Pictomancers. The only requirement is the character have either a Disciple of Magic or Disciple of War job at level 80.

Vipers - To become a viper begin the quest series begins by talking to the Worried Weaver at Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X: 9.3 Y:9.2) to acquire the quest Enter the Viper.

Pictomancers - To become a pictomancer begin the quest series by talking to the Cheerless Hearer in Old Gridania (X:8.0 Y:10.3).

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