Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Agnostic On Expansions

As CCP starts ramping up the publication of dev blogs in support of the launch of Eve Online's winter expansion Retribution, I came to the realization that I just don't care.  Not about all the changes coming on 4 December, just expansions.

I've played MMORPGs for over seven years now and I can only remember one expansion I was excited to see: EverQuest 2's The Shadow Odyssey.  I was looking forward to the tradeskill instances where groups of players worked together doing carebear-type crafting work in addition to a lot of cool crafting and harvesting items.  I was even able to get my own unicorn as a mount.  But long time readers of the blog will know that problems with the launch of The Shadow Odyssey combined with issues concerning the shard system caused the implosion of my guild and I left EQ2 and made Eve my main game. 

I don't want to say that CCP shouldn't put out expansions.  I like the different login screens every six months.  But the changes never really affected me and the way I play.  Retribution, with the changes to Crimewatch, will be different, but in a bad way.  I think traveling around low-sec is about to get a lot more dangerous, which means carebears like me will stay in high-sec.  The only reason I'm not going to go to high-sec at the expansion's launch is that I am not going to let CCP turn me back into a high-sec carebear without a fight.  That's right, I am not in low-sec looking for PvP.  I'm in low-sec engaged in some serious PvD (player vs. developer) action.  The fact that CCP is enlisting the help of hundreds, if not thousands, of players in their effort to drive me back into high-sec just makes the war to remain a low-sec carebear tougher.

So perhaps my lack of excitement about Retribution is a good thing.  I only tend to move when I get my hopes up.  Now I need to continue preparing for the upcoming war.


  1. CCP hasn't released an actual "expansion" since Incarna.

    An expansion is something that makes the game bigger, by adding a substantial amount of new content. (Note: A handful of new ships doesn't qualify.)

    Crucible, Inferno and Retribution are nothing but changes to existing game mechanics, and database tweaks. More properly, these would be considered to be maintenance releases, not expansions.

    However, CCP can get away with calling them expansions, only because they don't actually charge an additional fee for an expansion pack.

  2. If you feel driven out; go to WH space;

    You will come across the occasional 6 ship fleet that will blow you out of space; but most of the time you can do you pve stuff there.

    1. I might hide in a wormhole if all else fails. I'm working on my scanning skills now.