Friday, October 19, 2012

Low Sec Incursions

Logistics.  For me that means grinding standings with NPC corporations so I can have perfect refining at stations in the system I mine in.  I really don't like jumping through gates with ore; refined minerals are so much smaller.  If the station contains a factory, even better.

I located a good station to set up as a second home in low sec and a great pair of agents handing out level 4 courier missions in another constellation.  With the pair never giving me missions longer than two jumps the standings were rising swiftly.  Then I logged in last night and found that Sansha Kuvakei decided to pay a visit.  That's right, my system was the subject of an incursion.

I expect the incursion to last a week.  Unlike high sec incursions where the event is dragged out while the incursion runners farm the NPCs, I hear that no one bothers to dig Sansha out of low sec constellations.  And why should they?  No honest pilot lives in low sec because vast hordes of rampaging evil pirates jump on people the second they uncloak after jumping into a low sec system.

Actually, for incursion fleets that last statement probably isn't very far from the truth.  I've never run an incursion myself but I hear that the top fleets are called "shiny" fleets because of all the expensive fittings put on the ships.  If word spreads of a shiny fleet in low sec, I expect pirates would soon find it.  After all, pirates down through the ages have loved shiny objects like gold, diamonds and faction fit Machariels.

So with Sansha paying a visit I'll have time to set up some more bookmarks around my second home.  I've made sure I'm in a different constellation so that one incursion won't shut me totally down.  Or maybe I'll take a trip and grind faction with the Sisters of EVE and at the same time get some nice scanning gear.  Fortunately I haven't gotten to the point in Eve that an event in one system or constellation keeps me from having fun.


  1. They hang out in the belts as well so no mining.

  2. How does an incursion stop your courier missions? I know they lower bounties but didn't think they affected agent rewards. For hisec mining, I actually prefer to mine in incursion systems as only the vanguard/assault systems have anyone in them. It is hard to kill the rats, but they are no harder to tank than nullsec rats.

    1. Because the incursion rats like to camp gates and even stations. I've heard some nasty stories about them catching people. I should be okay in a Prowler, but why take the chance?

    2. no you wouldn't be ok in your prowler ;-)

      They are really nasty, they even get you in a Viator or a stealth bomber if you are that unfortunate to spawn in there scram range. insta lock is not that exiting for them, they just do it.

  3. system penalties on resists mean all combat is conducted with raw EHP