Friday, October 5, 2012

Cruising The Botting Forums: Septemeber

With Eve Vegas beginning today I decided to do a little surfing around the Eve botting forums.  I didn't really find enough to warrant a full "War on Bots" post, but I did find some amusing posts from September.  Before getting to the botting posts, I thought I'd bring to light an apparent scam occurring on the Public Demand forums.

4 September:  dubcomesaveme (Public Demand) -

Hi Guys,

Im looking to sell my EVE account. Its a caldari female with 62,000,000 sp. 7mil in drone skills, 6 mil in electronics, 3.5mil in engineering, 6.5mil in gunnery, 3.5 mil in indy, 2 mil in leadership, 3 mil in mechanic, very bad missile skills, 4.5 mil in nav, 6.5 mil in science and 17 mil in spaceship command.

Minmi, caldari and gallente frig and cruiser V, good projectile and hybrid skills. perfect shield and armor skills. recons V. Thanny pilot(comes with thanny). Perfect jamming skills. Can also fly black ops and build cap ships.

Owns many ships and assets including vigilant, cynabal, thanny, dedspace fitted ishtar, arazu, lachesis, falconjust to name a few of the ships off the top of my head. Been pretty busy since finishing uni so dont have time to play anymore. Comes with just under 1 month subscription and 1bil isk. I know off the top of my head that the current ship hangar is estimated at 3.5bil aswell.

Character and assets mentioned above are all in highsec/1 jump from highsec. If you have any questions then let me know and i will be happy to answer them.

Make me an offer!
(GBP pls) 

25 September:  Bntyhunter (Public Domains)

I bought this account

2 weeks later he changed the account PW, and gave me false info. I lost 275 American dollars, so I am getting character banned unless he contacts me so if you were going to buy character I wouldnt as it seems to be a scam. 

Ever wonder why the Eve Online forums have a Character Baazar section?  The above is why.  Now for botting related matters.  Forgive me for including a post from August, but I liked it.

31 August: frblyes (H-Bot) - so are the bans still being given out like free candy from a pedafile to little school girls?

15 September: godles1 (Eve Pilot) - just got back playing eve started miner up did about 6 hours of ice minning. down time came went to eat came back to play and said was ban for macro.i was on my other guy doing mission so how is i use your program now and get baned now?

18 September:  Captain Obvious (Eve Pilot) - I agree with "the Eldest". Usually it takes another botter that reports a botter, yes sad but true. I've been doing the "bot while near my computer" just to see what kind of things go on. I get called out in local in which I respond to but still get reports.

I've had two accounts slapped with the 1 week sanction but that was a while ago. I generally don't bot now without myself being around, why? one players in EvE tend to be asses, two once you know how a bot works its not hard to spot others using some version of botting software. Three people report because you are their competition. Everyone says this and i believe its true... if you stay in the same system too long you WILL eventually get busted and reported.

20 September:  qvantum3 (Eve Pilot) -
User qvantum3 is banned
Last login: 2012.09.19 11:40
Number of visits: 249
Reason: EULA/TOS Violation - Macro use
Until: 2012.10.04

Админ рассказывай что теперь делать ?  (Admin, what do I do now?)

Note: Notice his character name is the same as his botting forum name.

30 September:  ashleydeals (Eve Pilot) - Had a late night and I accidentally left the courier on for too long I guess. Banned 14 days today. Warning to all.


  1. I'm no pirate. I'm no tear-collecting griefer.

    I'm no vindictive person or player.


    Tee hee, couldn't happen to a better bunch of folks. Rock on, bot police, rock on.

  2. Out of curiosity, has the mining barge/exhumer buff been a boon to botting or its bane? Any changes at all?