Friday, October 12, 2012

CCP - Trion Trade Complete released the news yesterday that former Eve Online Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson is now working on Trion World's new MMORPG Defiance.  The man formerly known as CCP Oveur is not only the executive producer for the new game but also holds the title of Vice President of Development.

I guess that completes the trade that brought David Reid to CCP.  The man who adopted the name CCP Pokethulhu is currently CCP's chief marketing officer but at Trion served as senior vice president of marketing.  Many may remember Mr. Reid as the man who created Rift's "you're not in Azeroth" campaign.  Others may remember Mr. Reid's statement when he was at NC West that Tabula Rosa was "triple-A and here to stay" a month before the announcement that the game would close in February 2009.

One place where Trion is getting the better end of the trade is in YouTube videos.  So far we haven't seen any good entertainment videos from CCP Pokethulhu while CCP Oveur managed to appear in a couple of good ones.  Besides his cameo appearance in the YouTube hit HTFU, he appeared in a couple of other memorable videos that I'm including below.  Enjoy!

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