Monday, February 25, 2013

An In-Game Break

I don't know what it is about this time of year but my attention wanders from actually logging into Eve a little.  Back in 2011 I jumped into the Rift beta and played for a month or two before determining I was sick of elves.  Last year I spent January playing way too much Star Wars: The Old Republic and didn't really get the thrill back for playing Eve until I got to Fanfest.  This year I've pretty much only logged in to set my skill queues for the last two weeks. 

Am I disgruntled with the Eve?  A little bit.  The whole "macros are legal after all for a class of players" thing pisses me off.   I normally don't get upset with people making lots of money.  If someone can figure out how to do it within the rules, more power to them.  I just question whether clicking on one button that allows me to perform hundreds of tasks in game really follows the spirit of Eve.  If I wanted that type of game play I would have stayed in World of Warcraft where players using mods to enhance their abilities is an accepted practice.  Let's just say right now anyone who uses these macros and then complains about market bots gets no sympathy from me.

So while I cool off I'm playing Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World.  I think my time in GW2 is drawing to a close as I reached level 78 last night.  I finally got my leatherworking over 225 so I no longer have to farm mobs for cotton.  I also have my jewelry skill over 250 so I have a new set of recipes to learn and my only hold up is mining gems.  I need to get to 400 in each to max out those professions.  And I am progressing nicely in my personal story but haven't reached the level 70-80 quests in that chain yet.  I only have 26% of the map explored and haven't tried PvP yet but the game doesn't interest me enough to start up a new alt or try to grind up for a legendary weapon.  At least not right now.

The Secret's World continues to amaze every time I put on my headphones.  The sounds are just amazing.  I paid $30 for the game and I think I'm getting my money's worth.  I've played close to 100 hours now and I'm just finishing up The Savage Coast.  I did do the "Strangers from a Strange Land" mission that led me into the Blue Mountain zone where I ran into two ravens, Muninn and Huginn.  Before CCP created tech 2 cruisers Norse mythology had two ravens that sat on Odin's shoulders.  I'm working on the Slayer deck but right now I'm beginning to doubt whether I want to play that.  I think the decks are like Eve's certificates.  They are a guide to what works for those who don't want to theory craft.  Unlike Eve, however, each deck comes with a set of clothes once you learn all the skills.  I might start learning some more weapons than sword and assault rifle.  Right now I can wield the Q7 level of both weapons.

Just because I'm playing other games doesn't mean I'm not covering the shenanigans in Eve.  I finished listening to Ripard Teg's interview with Xander on Crossing Zebras and only have three more interviews to listen to.  And of course I will have a bit more to say about the whole market macro situation.  But for now I'm going to run about on virtual dirtballs for a little while longer.

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