Friday, February 22, 2013

The Silly Season ... Best Time To Start Blogging

I poked fun at the subject yesterday but the election season for the Council of Stellar Management CSM) is upon us.  For those unfamiliar with the institution the CSM was created to provide feedback from the community to CCP so that the developers don't screw up.  This also came in the wake of the T20 scandal so the CSM also gave CCP a chance to display a measure of transparency to the player base.  The execution of the idea has not always worked as intended.

The current body, commonly referred to as CSM 7, had a much more quite time than their predecessor but may have solidified greater power for the next group of players we will elect in April. 

So if the CSM is actually serious business why do I call this the silly season?  Because politicians, whether they deal with internet spaceships or are the more mundane type who reside on a ball of mud we call Earth, tend to do and say silly things.  With the beginning of the candidacy application period still three weeks away the spaceship politicians are moving into full campaign mode.

For those looking to start blogging about Eve, now is the perfect time to begin.  As the institution of the CSM has matured so has the debate surrounding the election.  One could make a strong case that the debate amongst the candidates will prove more substantive than the U.S. presidential election campaign we endured last year.  For those not well-versed in the issues surrounding the game now is a good time to learn and putting those thoughts on the interwebs.

Another reason for beginning a blog now is that the Eve blogosphere and some of the associated websites are about to see the output of some rather prominent writers drop due to the workload that membership requires.  The most prominent member of the Eve blogosphere, Ripard Teg is running with a good shot to win.  His output might fall down to a shocking 5 posts a week and his topics will definitely change with a change in status within New Eden.  Other members who work at the big news websites like Mynnna at The Mittani DOT Com and Mino Noud at Eve News 24 are also running.  Mynnna, as the officially backed candidate of Goonswarm is almost guaranteed of a CSM spot.  So spots in the Eve universe for writers are opening soon.

So sit back, relax, and start surfing the net because even if you don't start blogging an interesting time for Eve is about to begin.  I just think writing about the whole circus is more fun than reading about it.

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  1. Am to busy working on my studies of spaceships subspecies...