Thursday, June 20, 2013

Staying Responsible

By now some of you reading this post have read CCP Rise's forum post on the proposed changes to tech 1 industrial ships.  I've wanted to write a post about the changes to the Mammoth but I didn't know if the stats in the post were correct.  Why would I think they were incorrect?  Because unlike the other main industrial ships, the extra ships (Mammoth, Iteron II, Iteron III, Iteron IV) did not have the changes in stats listed.  CCP Fozzie only confirmed a couple of hours ago that the stats were correct.  I've done a little EFT carebear work on the numbers, but I didn't have enough time to write a responsible post on the subject this morning.

Why stay responsible?  Wouldn't throwing some bombs hoping that some of the splash damage hit something bring in more traffic?  Perhaps.  But I really hate having to retract statements because I posted too hastily.  The Nosy Gamer isn't a breaking news site.  The only times I'm the first to post about something is that no one else is interested in the subject.  Trying to change that leads to errors, which leads to retractions.  I hate making retractions.

Another reason is credibility.  A blogger is only as credible as the information in his/her posts.  Having critics state I don't understand the information I post about is a lot better than having people think I'm irresponsible and just making things up.  I feel this is particularly important when the subject moves to botting and RMT.  I can't always provide links to the sources of my information.  For example, the administrators of botting forums keep the best content viewable by members only.  I can't image why.

So I'll hold off until tomorrow before posting about what I think about the changes to the Mammoth.  The extra time will allow me to either make some pretty tables.  Also, I can give CCP Rise and friends some time to adjust the numbers, although I have the feeling that I won't wake up tomorrow and see any changes.  And if presenting my side of the story responsibly with all the facts as I see them takes until Monday, I'll take the time to try to get the story right.

Edit: Right after posting this, CCP Rise issued this Tweet.

Sometimes blogging responsibly pays off.  Now I can post about something more pleasant tomorrow.

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