Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cleaning Up The Odyssey Spew

Yesterday I just gave some first impressions of Odyssey.  Today I look at handling one of the most villified aspects of hacking: the can spew after a successful hack.  I don't know if I'm handling the situation correctly, but so far the system is working for me.

First, you need to position your ship correctly before the hack attempt.  I'm finding that a position 2,200 - 2,500 meters from the container is good.  For my exploration runs I've actually swapped out the MWD in my Cheetah for an afterburner.  I don't need speed, I need delicate ship handling.  I also slowly inch my way into position.  By having my speed set to 1/4 or less this actually helps during the cleanup.  Of course, my Cheetah does 563m/second without afterburners, so those in slower ships may not have to worry so much.

The next step is to perform the hack.  For those having difficulties I recommend CSM 8 member Ali Aras' hacking guide on  A guide written by a real-life woman?  I know, I know, people think women can't figure out complicated stuff.  Don't be fooled!  In EVE, if a woman starts acting like a bubble-head, start looking for the scam.

All right.  The hack is successful.  Don't panic!  First, if you have not already done so, scroll the view from your ship out.  This slows down the speed in which the cans fly across the screen.  Once that's done, the time has come to quickly collect the cans.  But which ones? posted some research yesterday on this question. 

In data sites, pick the Parts containers first because the hold decrypters and datacores.  Next, pick Data containers because they hold blueprints and skill books.  The page then states there is really no preference, but I would suggest an order of material > equipment > scraps.

In relic sites, both the Material and Parts containers hold tech 1 and tech 2 salvage.  Parts gets a slight edge because those containers hold Electronics parts while the Material containers hold carbon.  After that comes the Data containers that may hold Spatial Atunement Units needed to create the new tech 2 scanning upgrade modules.  After that comes equipment and scraps.

Just remember that the mini-tractor beam that hauls in the cans does have a limited range.  White cans mean they are out of range.  Part of the reason for setting a slow speed in approaching the container is so you can slowly chase down a can.  They don't move that fast and you don't want to chase down one can only to overfly the rest.  Also, when a can starts flashing, that means the can is about to disappear.  If you have a choice between two cans, choose the blinky one first.

I hope this proves helpful.  Last night I ran a relic site and pulled in 11.3 million ISK.  Not great, but better than the 3 million I pulled in from a relic site on launch day as I was figuring all of this out.


  1. How long would you say it took to run that relic site you earned 11.3 million on?

    1. I wasn't keeping track, but 10-15 minutes tops. There were only 3 cans.

  2. Handy tip:

    Use a cargo scanner on the spawn containers, before you hack. that way, you can decide if you /really/ want the blueprint, or if the parts containers are a better idea.