Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Digital Dozen: 11 June 2013

The rankings of the top twelve MMORPGs as determined by the players of the Xfire community from play on Sunday, 9 June 2013.  For more details about the methodology, click here.  Historical data can be found here.

Rank Prev Week Game ScoreHours Played +/- %
11World of Warcraft 41.2 20,778-0.3
22Guild Wars 215.87,944-3.3
33Star Wars: The Old Republic10.65,345+5.7
412EVE Online6.23,121+250.7
88Planetside 22.71,386+5.8
1010Need For Speed World2.11,081-3.1
1111APB: Reloaded2.11,071-2.0
12--Star Trek Online2.11,066+5230.0
Total Digital Dozen Hours: 50,417

The gaming habits of the Xfire community apparently are settling down at the beginning of the summer as players only increased the time they spent playing the 12 most popular MMORPGs by 1.1% Sunday over the previous week.  The big gainers in playtime were Star Trek Online (+5230%) and EVE Online (+250.7%) while games experiencing the biggest declines were Neverwinter (-26.6%), Lord of the Rings Online (-19.2%) and Tera (-11.1%).

Technical Difficulties - Usually when one of the top MMORPGs has an expansion, the numbers automatically rise.  Not for Cryptic's first expansion for Star Trek Online.  The launch of the game's first expansion, The Legacy of Romulus, saw the numbers plummet to near zero.  Apparently Xfire has the issues detecting when the new version of Star Trek is running and the game made its first appearance on The Digitial Dozen since 3 March.

Back Bigger Than Ever - EVE Online rebounded strongly one week after shutting down due to a DDoS attack.  The effort was helped by the launch of the Odyssey expansion a week ago along with some promotions designed to get players back into the game.  The game's 6.2 score is its highest ever and the number of hours played the largest since late February. The actual concurrency numbers on the main Tranquility server of 61,580 was the fourth highest in EVE's 10-year history.

It IS Still In Beta - Neverwinter experienced a -26.6% decline in time played a few days after Perfect World announced a massive and gameplay update.  The F2P game is still officially in beta, with a launch date of 20 June.  Are players slowing down not wanting to burn themselves out before the official launch?  Or are players upset over their classes receiving nerfs?  We'll see in a couple of weeks.

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