Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Time To Play

There's a time to write and a time to play.  One of these days I'll figure out how to do both.  I'm in playing mode now as I race to get my alt up to 5.0 standings with a Caldari corporation before Saturday.  I think I'll succeed as I'm now up to 4.59 after last night's session.  I might have gotten higher if I hadn't spent some time exchanging EVE parody lyrics with Rhavas on Twitter.  But as my goal for the night was 4.6, probably not much higher.

I know that some people don't like the training skills, but leaving the house yesterday with my standings at 3.85 and then getting home having them at 4.13 was nice.  No, I wasn't botting!  I finished learning Connections IV while I was at work.  Gotta love real time skill training.

One misconception about low sec is that people won't run low sec incursions.  Not true.  I saw people doing them in Domain when I was grinding SoE loyalty points and again this week in Metropolis.  When I logged in the incursion in my home constellation was gone.  Started on a Sunday, finished on Tuesday.  Not too bad.

Sometimes I really should look up how to guides.  I'm working on planetary interaction making nanite repair paste.  I'm pretty sure I screwed up, because when I look at my spreadsheet I see that moving P1 products around is actually cheaper than moving P2 products.  I need to fix that before Saturday too.

Finally, my ammunition business is doing okay.  I really do need to start mining again, but the standings grind is taking priority.  Still, I have almost 1 million pyerite so I'm still in good shape on that front.  Jump freighter service between Molden Heath and Jita can supply a region with a mass of goods, but us small-time local producers still have a place.  After successfully undocking from the station in Bosnea, I did send out a "Vote for Sugar Kyle" message in local.  Something tells me I was preaching to the converted though.


  1. People run them because they can drop revenant blueprints which are stupidly valuable.

    The casuals who run the hisec incursions the same way drama themeparkers run raids in other MMOs are not going to run them, and it's usually from that perspective you'll hear 'no one' runs lowsec incursions. The people who run lowsec incursions are usually PVP groups themselves, such as Snuff Box and Rooks & Kings.

  2. Yeah,, that's right there should a proper management about the time schedule when to enjoy and when to work. I personalty like for my gaming