Monday, February 24, 2014

To Be The Best...

... you have to beat the best.  In EVE Online, Gevlon Goblin as defined the best as The Mittani and  Goonswarm Federation.  In order to validate his theories, he can't just go up against a bunch of morons and slackers.  No, he has to beat the best EVE has to offer.

Up until now, I kind of brushed him off.  But given the reaction of both the Goons and RvB, I'd say that Gevlon is now a thorn in the side of both huge organizations.  I was hit over the head with this fact by a tweet by Powers over the weekend.

When a Goon like Powers is trumpeting the victory of a RvB fleet with T1 logistics support that outnumbers a Darwin's Lemmings fleet, which is essentially Marmite's farm team, by 3:2, something is happening.

The funny thing is that Gevlon is using Goon tactics against the Goons.  The latest is, to use the technical term, shit posting on forums.  I made the mistake of reading a Gevlon thread on the EVE-O forums and both sides were letting the fecal matter fly.  Once again, a victory for Gevlon as it shows that Goons don't trust RvB to fight a forum war on its own.  Especially as RvB is trying to put distance between itself and Goonswarm Federation.  Almost as if Goons want people to realize that RvB and Goons are close allies.

The linking of RvB to Goons in the minds of high sec residents willing to fight against the GSF presence in The Forge is one of Gevlon's strategic goals and I'm surprised that Goons are walking into that trap.  It is one thing for RvB to fight; that's what they do.  But fighting wars to protect The Mittani's financial interests?  That is something with the potential to rally the Grr Goons crowd against RvB and to Gevlon's cause. But Goons are known for playing the long game and perhaps tarnishing RvB's reputation will serve them down the line.

I'm glad that the conflict over customs offices in high sec didn't end within a month of CCP making the customs offices player owned.  Fighting is good and drives the economy.  Besides, I now have something new to write about.


  1. I'd really love to hear more of your opinions on this matter. It's harder for me to wade through the bravado and metaplay to understand if Lemmings is really having an impact on GS or RvB. Gelvon's numbers seem significant, but at the same time I have to wonder if GS or RvB even care about those losses. Both organizations have the ability to earn large amounts of isk. GS earns isk directly, and RvB through their alts in the larger null alliances.

    Gelvon is quite biased in his views and certainly politically motivated. Some of the retorts from RvB people seem reasonable, too. Who do you believe?

    Regardless, I am certainly entertained by all of Gelvon's adventures and love his blog, as I do yours as well. Glad you're not covering CSM.

  2. Don't just write about it! Join! GRR or muerte!

    In a more serious note. Bloggers like us spread information that we believe true. We are often wrong, but as we give our info to the reader, he is able to see our failings. If people do that, everyone learns.

    Goons on the other hand never teach. If anyone ask "why did this happen", the answer will be "because you're a pubbie shitlord".

    Goons are natural enemy of anyone who spreads information.

    1. People in your threads have shown valid holes in your plan and what you did wrong. Ironically, they also gave info how to do it right. Unfortunately, you are too stubborn to use it and you've been dumping waste on pretty much everyone who disagrees with you. All I can see is you dooming your project. And the fact you don't see it (I imagine you wanting to throw some numbers with false assumptions now) makes it sad.

  3. It would be really interesting to know just how much ISK was gifted to the goons and RvB by the dev's when they created this idiotic change. I read a post on goon Pravda by the lead whore of RvB where he said they are bringing in 10 billion / month from their share of the PoCo's. I know that number is utter bullshit, but I would like to know just how big it really is. Just how damaging is Gevlon's campaign against the goons and their whores?

    Also, as you speak of the long game, I am curious what CCP has in mind for the next diversion of high sec income streams into the hands of the goons. I am not positive what it will be, but I am reasonably certain that the goons would plan on using the RvB whores are their proxy army in high sec. If Gevlon is successful in informing the high sec masses of the alliance between goons and RvB, this can never be good for RvB. Now, goons won't care. They have already won Eve, and such information would only slow down their inevitable conquest of the entire game.

    1. The charm school you went to called they said "Tell that C*** we want the diploma back!"

  4. All gelv is doing is providing content for goon pvprs in between wars. Wish him the best of luck but tbh we all know hes not a factor

  5. It's been very difficult to have a serious discussion about this. On one hand, as you say the Goons like shitposting and making fun of highsec denizens. They dog pile on any occasion, and this is it at the moment.

    On the other hand, Gevlon has not really been willing to engage in serious discussions either. Rebuttal of his "facts" are often ignored. Gevlon is clearly quite clever but he has blind spots he isn't willing to acknowledge.

    Look at what is being said here about publicizing this "alliance". The RvBee poco pact was public knowledge. Both the goons and RvB wanted and were ready to take highsec pocos. We knew that each could be a huge impediment to the other, so we cooperated, with RvB gaining the bulk of the pocos.

    When Gevlon tried to attack the goons via the pocos, he didn't do research and thus was shocked to run into RvB. He made no attempts whatsoever at diplomacy, and instead started this angry campaign vs RvB.

    It's not going well because he doesn't understand how RvB works (thinking we are risk adverse for instance) and doesn't care that his "propaganda" is only galvanizing RvB.


  6. Well, there is one thing…

    Back when Gevlon was first trying to win EVE, people told him to stop futzing with killboard stats and personal Titans, and instead concentrate on using his trading incoming to fund large operations done by others. Exactly what he's doing now.

    It's going to be interesting to watch how the Lemmings develop.