Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monitizing A Blog

Sometimes I talk about my blog to people who don't play video games.  A lot of times it gets up when I talk about going to Iceland to attend Fanfest.  A question I get ask is, "how much money do I make?"  The answer is, none.

Why not?  Apparently I get enough traffic to make some money with Google Ads.  Right.  Google Ads.  Sorry, but I don't feel like having RMT companies advertising on my blog.  Besides the fact I'd feel dirty, with my stance on illicit RMT, that's all I'd need is screenshots of The Nosy Gamer floating around with an ad from a site like IGE on it.

I could try to get benefits from game companies.  CCP have officially approved fansites in which CCP gives the operators a paid media account.  Not a bad deal for CCP's advertising budget as they get real people writing about their game.  But since I'm not an EVE blogger, just one who writes a lot about EVE, I like the freedom to write about other games on this blog whenever I want and how much I want.  So no fansite application from me.

One idea that never crossed my mind until I read the ad for CCP's Buddy Program.  Basically CCP gives players a link they can use to give someone a 21-day free trial (the standard is 14 days) and then if the new player converts to a paying account, the existing player gets goodies like PLEX.  Nothing really earth-shattering as many companies have similar programs.  But here's the description that started me thinking...

"Send a buddy a personal invite to try EVE Online with you. Alternatively, post an open invite on your favorite social media."
I've seen enough of these links in the comments of news stories about EVE.  Yes, even on Forbes some EVE player almost always manages to include a buddy link.  So why not on the blog?  To tell the truth, I really don't know.  For now though, I'll just keep things they way they are.


  1. Thanks for doing what you're doing, the way you're doing it.

  2. My husband suggests every few weeks I allow a few simple ads.

    I tell him no each time.

    That isn't why I'm writing.

  3. I don't think you'd need to exclusively post Eve content to qualify as a fan site - just maintain regular posts about Eve.

    Certainly there will be a lot of generic game sites out that that will be getting even bigger freebies and probably rarely write about Eve (eg think how many media passes/hotels/flights get given out to "professional" game journalism sites for things like Fanfest?)

  4. Heh, I am so anti-ads that I actually pay to not inject the occasional ad into my main blog. They were, inevitably, gold seller ads.

    I have actually considered the fan site thing for my other blog, EVE Online Pictures... though I am not sure that posting two or three screen shots a week would qualify me. But my main blog is way too far ranging when it comes to what I am playing to be considered an EVE fan site.

  5. To my great surprise, my blog is on the official fansites! That's 7.5B savings a year. One week free fighting against the evil Goons!

  6. Perhaps if you didn't want the fansite payment from CCP you could claim it and donate it to one of their charity drives.

  7. I put up a buddy program link on my blog as soon as they came out and it's gotten me about a dozen PLEX. Not a whole lot but still it is kind of nice.

    But my blog doesn't have a big readership, a blog with more readers would get a lot more out of a buddy link.

    And good for you refusing to put ads up. They'd mostly be RMT ads anyhow.

  8. Stick to the "no ads" please. most of them are ugly and would destroy you shiny page layout.

    A subtle link (maybe with picture) to your buddy invite link is related to the topic you cover. And every new trial account getting in with 14 days instead of 21 is one too much. You most likely don't get rich with that link but if you do and don't want to, store the plexes for charity events.

  9. I'm not against ads per se, but I would need to block all the RMT adds. I still haven't decided what I'll do when I hit critical mass as far as traffic is concerned. You gave me something to think about.