Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The New Rogue Drone Event In EVE Online

On Thursday, CCP pushed an unnamed event onto EVE Online's Tranquility server. I call the new content an "unnamed event" as EVE live events are usually released on Thursdays instead of the normal Tuesday release day. According to the patch notes, the Upwell Consortium is up to something.


  • The Upwell Consortium are calling for capsuleer assistance providing materials for a project at their Applied Gravitation Research Center in the Auviken solar system.

    • Upwell are asking for capsuleers to bring them Rogue Drone Components contained in the wrecks of advanced sentient AI rogue drones that have been spotted throughout the known cluster.

    • In particular, Upwell are seeking Drone Graviton Emitters. Sentient rogue drone strains throughout high-security space have recently started adopting and using them.

    • Upwell will reward capsuleers who donate a selection of these components with reward crates containing loyalty tokens that are exchangeable for ISK at any station belonging to a member corporation of the Upwell Consortium. Additionally, crates may include new limited prototype blueprint copies for small tractor beams, capital tractor beams and a mobile tractor unit that have been enhanced by Upwell thanks to their latest discoveries in graviton research.
Yes, another community gathering event, this time located in high sec. The drop-off location is a new Upwell station orbiting Auviken VI. Auviken is a 0.8 security system located in the the Caldari State owned region of The Citadel, five jumps from the game's primary trade hub of Jita. A news article published on Thursday spelled out the requirements for obtaining reward crates. The amount sounds like a lot.
  • 1x Drone Graviton Emitter
  • 10x Drone Cerebral Fragment
  • 60x Drone Capillary Fluid
  • 40x Drone Tactical Limb
  • 100x Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring
I don't know the drop rates for the items, but I do hope the conjunction used was supposed to be "or" instead of "and". The reward crates contain Upwell Consortium Loyalty Tokens. Before groaning about yet another currency introduced to the game, these Upwell tokens are tradable for the tokens for other groups. The crates may also hold new blueprints, specifically for the Consortium Tractor Beams, both small and capital-sized, and the Consortium Mobile Tractor Unit. 

Between work and getting my replacement PC up to speed, I'm just getting around to looking at new EVE content. I just hope the hand in items are not too bulky. I have a Caldari character that flies blockade runners really well I can send into the Caldari State to participate in the event. On the other hand, waiting until my PC is ready should result in some good screen shots.

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