Friday, September 19, 2014

Master Space Priest?

Today is "Talk Like A Pirate Day," but I'm not a pirate, I'm a carebear.  Admittedly a low sec carebear, but still a carebear.  Since I'm not very good at making space pixels controlled by other players explode, I'll just point out that I have the potential to act like a pretty good space priest.

Minmatar Space Priest V

A few weeks ago I finished training Repair Drone Operation V, which allows me to use tech 2 maintenance drones.  With that, I completed Mastery V according to the Interbus Ship Identification System (ISIS) for all frigate- and cruiser-class logistics ships in EVE.  For those who don't play EVE, CCP sometimes gives different things the same name, which in this case is a bit confusing.  In this case, logistics doesn't refer to the movement of supplies, but the repairing of ships in combat.

I should point out that just because I have the skills trained doesn't mean I'm any good at acting as a space healer.  In fact, the closest I've ever come to flying a logistics ship is when I flew a Scythe back when it served as the Minmatar mining cruiser.  In EVE, knowing what to do is oftentimes more important than having the skills.  I've watched enough Alliance Tournaments over the years to understand some of the basics.

For example, always pre-lock the ships you are responsible for keeping alive.  Also, when remote repairing shields, the effects take effect at the start of the module's cycle while remote repairing armor is slower because the repairs occur at the end of the cycle.  Also, electronic warfare like sensor dampeners and electronic counter measures (ECM) can really make a logistics pilot's life unpleasant.

General Targeting Skills

I intended to write a post about the ISIS system and the skills required to have Mastery V of a logistics ship, but quickly realized I didn't even know enough about the skills I had trained to write about the subject.  Take, for example, the Advanced Target Management sub-category.  Just by glancing at the list I knew that Target Management Level V and Advanced Target Management Level V would allow me to lock more targets.  Pre-locking as many targets as possible is good.  But why was CPU Management Level I required in this group?  Looking at the skill showed that the skill is required to fit electronic counter-counter measure (ECCM) modules.  Oh.  Kind of important for a logistics pilot.

But wait, what about the sensor compensation skills that also counter ECM?  If I'm flying a Scimitar, I need Ladar Sensor Compensation trained to V, right?  That's found in a different, faction-specific skills group called Minmatar Target Management.

Faction Specific Targeting Skills
I understand Long Range Targeting for longer targeting ranges, Target Management to increase the number of targets a ship can lock, and Signature Analysis for increased targeting speed.  All of those are important for the ability to target a ship to provide remote repairing.  But why is CPU Management Level IV required?  Because the skill is required to begin training Ladar Sensor Compensation.

Just a brief look at the skills in ISIS showed I still have a lot to learn after five years of playing EVE Online.  I also see why some players don't like ISIS.  As in the examples I've used, one skill group requires CPU Management trained to I while another requires the skill trained to IV.  Why not just have a total listing that just shows the skills needed for each level?  Why have duplicate entries for some skills?

This post is an example of why having the skills separated into groups is a good idea.  By working my way through the skills, I learned that CPU Management is needed both to fit ECCM modules and train the racial sensor compensation skills.  I'm also pretty sure if I keep looking that another skill group will require training CPU Management to V.

I'll write that post about the skills needed for Mastery V in tech 2 logistics ships one of these days.  But I'm learning that to truly understand what I'm doing in game, I need to do more than just put the skills in the skills queue.  I don't even understand all of the skills yet.


  1. Congratulations on your mastery V! I love the ISIS screen

  2. "Why not just have a total listing that just shows the skills needed for each level? Why have duplicate entries for some skills?"

    It's simple really... it is because real life can be frustratingly complex in the same way... and EvE is far more a true virtual LIFE than just a sim or game... IMHO EvE's sometimes seemingly illogical mechanics are a huge part of what makes it so much MORE than 'just a game'.

    Think on this... you have been playing this game for 5 YEARS... and you can still easily find areas of the game you have have much to learn about and therefore find 'interesting' and that give you a good reason to continue playing... After 5 years, can the same be truly said of any other MMO??

    And... well... you know what we say to those who bemoan EvE's harshness and complexity... If you want a 'simple' and 'easy' virtual life... go play WoW.

    (Noisy, I don't mean that personally... ok? just point making...)