Monday, September 29, 2014

A Weekend Or No Importance

Sometimes I just want to play games.  No worrying about how others are treating each other.  No parsing the EULA to determine if someone is breaking the rules.  Not even looking at games journalism.  No, after running all my errands and cleaning up around the house this weekend, I just played games.

On Saturday, I played a little Tropico 5 and spent an hour or so with a chess program.  I haven't played in a few years and thought I'd brush up and start practicing again.  But, as usual, I wound up logging into EVE Online.

I don't think that people will think what I did was very exciting.  First, I did a little theory crafting.  I lost my Hound recently trying to kill a clone soldier.  Yes, the clone soldiers really are tougher.  So I spent some time revising the fit.  I think I have something that will work for ratting in Angel space, but I maybe should look into another bomber.  Then I spent the rest of the night bookmarking a system I plan to mine in. 

Sunday I spent the day doing something different.  I was moving materials to my factory station and took fire as I docked.  Considering one of the ships sitting at the undock was a Broadsword, I decided that maybe I'd stay docked for awhile.  So instead of flying around, I decided to start making tech 2 mining crystals.

The invention process can get a bit addictive.  I had a 48% chance of success on each invention attempt. With each attempt taking 46 minutes,  I wound up going through my entire stock of Laser Physics data cores.  I now have tech 2 blueprint copies for almost every type of mining crystal.

Of course, having the blueprints doesn't do any good unless I actually use them.  So I started making tech 1 crystals for use when the invention attempts ended.  After figuring out how many hypersynaptic fibers I would need to build 5 tech 2 crystals for each ore, I headed out to Dodixie.

I have to say that making the trip was pretty fast in a Prowler.  The only thing more impressive was when one batch of blueprints I was inventing finished.  I was able to take delivery of the finished products and put a new batch in from a station in Dodixie.  The concept of setting up industry jobs in a station in Metropolis while sitting in a system in Sinq Laison is still pretty new.

Once I got the tech 2 materials back to Metropolis, I started moving my mining ships around.  I moved both the Procurer and the Prospect packaged in my blockade runner.  I did make two trips because I didn't want to take a chance of losing both ships in case I ran into a gate camp I couldn't bust through.  My area of Metropolis is a lot busier lately, so I'm a lot more cautious.  But I eventually got all of my ships positioned with all the necessary modules and rigs in my staging station.  Now all I have to do is actually assemble the ships and I can start doing a little low sec mining again.

Like I mentioned above, nothing exciting happened.  But sometimes, a little normalcy is a good thing.


  1. I'm starting to notice one of those naturally occurring themes that happens in blogs occasionally...

    You start with, "Sometimes I just want to play games. No worrying about how others are
    treating each other. No parsing the EULA to determine if someone is
    breaking the rules. Not even looking at games journalism."

    Gamerchick's ”The
    Logs Show Nothing”

    Evehermit's ”The
    EVE Schadenfreude Community”

    Space Noob's
    ”Day 832 : Roid Rage and the End”

    And my ”Too
    Much Talk Talk, Not Enough OMFG…”

    All have a little bit of commonality... EVE is getting... stale, shall we say. I feel very strongly about my post... CCP needs to reassess WHAT it is they want and are doing with EVE... and most importantly, why and how.

  2. The player graphs on EVE-Offline would tend to agree, particularly when you look at the "All time" graph.

    No matter how anyone chooses to try to spin things, it is clear from the graph that there is currently a decidedly steep downward trend in player activity.

    Without any Jesus expansions in the pipeline, it is unclear how CCP plans to reverse this trend.

  3. Well, the Jezuz Feature that is in the pipe is the Player Built Stargates... but that is a ways off so it is not generating a lot of excitement ATM and there is controversy over whether or not it will be for ALL players or just those large player groups that can afford to build them... and where.

    I agree PCU is down over all... more a flattening of the curve than a true decline... So CCP has it's work cut out for it.

    However, take a look at the upcoming changes to Force Projection if you are interested in CCP creating a little still in the game... =]

    the Passengers be Allowed to Fly the Plane?