Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Phoebemania Is Contageous

Hard to believe that only a week has passed since CCP Greyscale published his dev blog detailing the teleportation nerfs coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release in November.  Controversy is swirling around the EVE community, with the threadnaught on the forums reaching over 380 pages and 7600 posts.  Members of the CSM have gone public claiming that CCP did not adequately inform them of the details of the proposed changes.  One member of CSM actually wound up leaving his corp over the changes.  Members of Pandemic Legion, one of the heaviest users of supercaptials in the game, are publicly stating their support for the changes on podcasts, EN24, and in talks with new players in Eve UniversityOthers are critical of the changes.  But in an unscientific Twitter poll, the majority support the changes.

In short, the changes in power projection that will occur in EVE have energized those who live in null sec, for better or for worse.  But not just null sec.  I've found I've caught a second wind and have played a lot more over the past few days than I have in a long time.  I spent a large chunk of time this weekend doing mining missions in order to get the loyalty points I need for top-of-the-line mining and refining implants.  I also spent all of my Caldari loyalty points stocking up on faction missiles and spent the last two nights building my cache.

But why am I excited?  Because I see that localization of trade is a real possibility.  With the nerf to jump freighter travel, I think a demand will emerge for locally manufactured goods.  Okay, perhaps that is overstating the case.  But locally manufactured goods will definitely become more profitable if transporting goods from the manufacturing centers around Jita.

I do have to worry about getting rare supplies myself, like tech 2 materials.  But perhaps we'll see more materials sold in Amarr and Dodixie due to the increased travel difficulties.  Or maybe not.  That's what makes the changes coming in Phoebe so exciting.  No one really knows what is going to happen.  Part of the fun is trying to figure out the trends and take advantage of them.  So for now, I'll preparing.  Hopefully the economic dislocations coming will make life a lot more interesting.


  1. These changes do nothing to harm existing empires. They just make a pain in the ass game a bigger pain in the ass. In many cases they actually aid the existing power structures.

  2. Nullsec was always meant to be the most financially viable area of the game. Risk/reward. That's been documented for years. I hardly call ignoring the rest of your game to the benefit of high sec for years antipathy.

  3. As a Resource Gatherer in Null sec, this is a boon for me as Competing with Empire was not at all worth it. This reduction should reduce size of Empires and the control of un-used space. I remember the old days before JF and Force Projection benefits, It produced a much smaller and tighter community.

  4. There really isn't all that much room to increase prices. Look at the price of the ships in the current meta - cruisers are more expensive than they ever used to be, and the next step up are HACs like Ishtars which are about 38 the price of the old domi (which itself is more than it used to be). Meanwhile in game PVE income has been nerfed - partly by CCP, partly by a small number of players multiboxing.

    The average middle ability player, who just wants to log in a couple of times a week for a few hours, do a bit of PVE and then PVP has to work harder and longer to buy his PVP ships.

    That's not really healthy from a game population perspective.