Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Modules And Ship Fittings

For some reason, downloading the Oceanus patch took a lot longer than usual.  Maybe something was happening with Comcast as Twitch was also working pretty spotty last night as well.  But whatever the reason, I didn't get to do much more than update my planetary interaction colonies last night.

Oceanus doesn't really hold a lot of interest for me.  I don't speak French, so the French localization doesn't affect me, except maybe bring in more people to shoot at me.  I don't normally go into wormholes, so I won't see the new graphics.  And while the new cloaking graphics look really cool, I'm not sure I play with my graphics turned up high enough to really see the effect.  I'll find out when I actually get to undock tonight.

The thing that really has me interested is the beginning of the Module Tiericide effort.  CCP wants to eliminate "vendor trash" and make everything that drops from NPCs useful.  The concept of vendor trash doesn't work well in EVE because the items go on the market and only players, not NPCs, buy the items.  As CCP nerfed the reprocessing of items from 100% of mineral value down to 55%, that means a lot of items would eventually start clogging up the stations.  The clutter might even bring Scotty out to complain about the situation.

In Oceanus, Module Tiericide hit the fitting modules, scanning modules and light missile launchers.  I don't really know much about light missile launchers as I usually fit either torpedoes or festival launchers on my ships, so I won't touch on those.  But looking at the modules I do use, I noticed a trend.  For the meta 1 to meta 4 modules that CCP is consolidating, the CPU requirements don't appear to increase.  So modules should not go off-line due to that.  The modules may go off-line due to reduced effectiveness of the modules themselves, but I think CCP tried to keep any player rework for modules to a minimum.  I hope so, because I really don't want to have to keep checking my ship fits every five weeks.  Then again, I probably should, depending on what I see in the patch notes.

I guess I should add this happy observation I made that will absolutely piss off gankers once they find out.  The meta 1-4 survey scanners got buffed!  That's right, CCP showed the miners some love and increased the range of the modules to 20 km.  I don't think miners will complain that the module duration was increased for most of the modules up to 4.5 seconds.  Tech 2 manufacturers will probably complain about the reduced advantage that the tech 2 module will provide, but that's a different story.

With the constant revision of modules changing fits, CCP needed to find a way to easily import fits from third-party applications like EFT and pyfa into the fitting screen.  Happily, the UI team came through.  I found the steps for importing a fit from pyfa very easy.

1.  With the fit you wish to import showing, select Edit > To Clipboard.
2.  Open the fitting window in EVE and select "Browse".
3.  In the Fitting Management window, click the "Import from clipboard" button.
4.  In the window that appears with your fit, click the "Save" button.

So easy I was able to copy a fit my first attempt.  Part of the reason that people think I'm good with computers and software is that I make every mistake possible when learning, which means I know how to fix things for other people when they make the same mistakes.  But the process for copying my fit was so simple I wasn't able to make a mistake.

I'm sure I missed a few things about Oceanus, like the changes in the notification system, new burner missions, and new items in the cash shop.  But right now, as I begin to really look into theory crafting and fitting my ships properly, Module Tiericide and copying fittings into EVE are what really have me excited about Oceanus.

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  1. Module Tiericide is off to a very bad start.

    The rebalanced T1, or Meta 0, versions are still worse in all stats, compared to Named and T2. And, unfortunately, cost isn't going to be what gives the T1 versions a place in the game; except for a few items, such as MAPCs, the Named versions of most modules are so plentiful that no one will ever need to use a T1 - after the market speculation spike, prices are continuing to fall rapidly, right back down to the reprocessing value of the Named modules (which is usually below the T1 build cost). Besides, these modules are all cheap anyways.

    And, take a look at the Named co-processor compared to the T2 co-processor. When would you use the Named co-processor? It uses the same PG at the T2. Someone on the forums pointed out that there is a skill requirement for the T2 version, but turns out it only takes 1-1/2 days to train up to be able to use the T2 version. Naturally, this also means that the T1 version is utterly useless, even for new players, since they can use the Named version. Go figure.

    It is pretty clear that not much thought went into this first round of Module Tiericide. CCP Fozzie et al obviously figured it would just be a no-brainer exercise, and didn't bother to look at rebalancing skill requirements, nor the T1 BPOs, nor the reprocessing values and NPC drop rates of the metas.