Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CCP's War On Illicit RMT: Buyers Beware

Since the beginning of 2015, CCP has implemented some new security policies.  The one I'm most interested in concerns the new policy concerning those who purchase ISK or PLEX from illicit ISK sellers.  I haven't found any tears to post so far, but CCP Peligro from Team Security did give out a figure on Monday via Twitter.

That's right, in the first five days of 2015, CCP has already banned more players for buying from shady RMT dealers than they did in all of 2014.  From the graphs and charts in the December security dev blog, I estimated that CCP banned appoximately 250 players for that offense.  Of course, before 1 January, players only received a warning plus had their purchase confiscated for a first offense.  Now?  They receive a seven day ban.

While I haven't seen any tears in the reviews of ISK buyers for the site I watch, the number of sellers is down.  If CCP is banning buyers, that means they are also catching the sellers.  I am hopeful that the reduction in the number of sellers is due to Team Security convincing people that selling ISK just isn't worth the hassle.

Update: I got home from work and dissatisfied customers are starting to complain.

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  1. I've wondered if CCP doesn't just create fake sellers of their own, make the trade, and ban players. They don't even need to complete the actual monetary transaction, all they need is the name of the player to give the ISK to.