Thursday, January 8, 2015

CSM X: Where To Find Election Information On The Candidates

Even though the official campaign season for electing CSM 10 (or CSM X) begins in about 3 weeks when CCP Leeloo posts the official dev blog, the candidates are hard at work already.  As of today, 30 candidates have announced their intentions to run for the 14 seats up for grabs by making a post in the CSM Campaigns section of the official EVE Online forums.

Over the past several years, podcasters have served the EVE community by conducting interviews with the candidates.  For the second year running, the Cap Stable podcast is attempting to interview as many candidates as possible.  So far they have published three interviews, with Borat Guereen, Sugar Kyle, and June Ting.  These thirty minute interviews are pretty well done and informative, so those who want a little more information about a candidate can hear exactly what the candidate things about some of the issues.

In addition, candidates usually make live appearances on both EVE Radio and Podside as well as other podcasts.  CSM member Mike Azariah is known to frequently hotdrop both sites, so at least one candidate will appear live.  Declarations of War, run by former CSM member Alekseyev Karrde, usually has one or two shows with candidate panels.  Jade from the Lost In EVE podcast historically has hosted candidate forums, although I don't know if he will do so on the latest incarnation of the podcast.

On the blogging/forum front, Foo has posted the responses he has received from a list of questions he asked the candidates.  Also, the Eve News 24-affiliated Warp To Zero forums has a section where CSM candidates are answering questions.

One effort I will keep my eye on, however, is on the newly created Just For Crits blog.  Created by the executive editor of, candidates are answering questions about their views on low sec and other questions tailored to each candidate.  So far, seven candidates are listed as having agreed to participate.

One other resource that usually is available after the candidates are approved is Dierdra Vaal's Vote Match website.  I don't know if he is planning on running the site this year.  If he does, candidates will fill out a form about issues and then players can go to the Vote Match website, answer questions, and find out which candidates they are most in agreement with.

I plan on listening to all of the interviews and write a brief news post that will appear on the much neglected CSM Wire.  In addition to the news posts, I have created a page for each candidate that contains the RSS feed for the candidate's EVE Online forum posts as well as copied their campaign posts to the page.  I'm hoping to add such things as contact information and links to social media and campaign appearances by the time the official campaign season begins.

Last year was a pretty dismal year for turnout.  Hopefully, EVE players will turn out a little stronger to choose which players will have direct contact with the CCP developers working on EVE.

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