Monday, January 25, 2016

Almost Done

Last night I finally reached level 35 in the free-to-play game from Aeria, Dragomon Hunter. I plan on writing a review of the game, but getting to the maximum level of 50 would take way too long. I think playing for three months is long enough.

One reason for starting the writing process is that I would like to start playing more EVE Online. Most, if not all, of my EVE time is devoted to covering the CSM 11 elections coming up later this month. In addition to recording analysis shows with the CSM Watch team like I did last year, I also do research for the individual interviews. But I haven't even spent time probing down exits in Thera lately, although I do play with Evemon and update my skill plans since I need to start training tech 2 battleship weapons soon. After six years, I can finally fly a Raven. But truthfully, who would want to?

A funny thing happened while playing Dragomon Hunter. While grinding away doing daily quests in order to care and feed the dragomon on my ranch and craft new armor, I started to feel the desire to do the same in EVE. When I write the review of the game, I probably will do a lot of comparisons between EVE and Dragomon Hunter. The cute, anime-style game has a lot more in common with the dark, sci-fi PvP-centric game that I thought when I first started playing back at the end of October.

I don't want to start up my planetary interaction colonies again, but I don't feel daunted at the prospect of doing small, industry-related tasks required to build items anymore. I may even try to figure out how to sell various implants that one can't find in the factional warfare loyalty point stores. Also, now that I have two alts that nearly have maximum exploration skills along with my main, I can locate my characters around New Eden in order to find the best exploration sites. Of course, I will need to keep one located close to my industrial base to keep an eye on production.

Of course, I do still have to write the review and finish up the CSM coverage before engaging in EVE full-bore once again. But I am slowly putting together a plan for flying and building in New Eden again. Oh, and to stick it to a few of the candidates currently running for CSM, I'll do so in low sec, if I don't spend even more time flying in wormholes. Because, really, who wants to live in null sec?

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