Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quick Note About The Latest IWANTISK Ban Wave

Just a quick note, because I am not feeling well and I still have research to do for the CSM Wire interviews currently scheduled. I WANT ISK was hit last week with another wave of bans among its bankers. What seems clear is that 12 bankers received permanent bans for conducting real money trading (RMT).

I wanted to avoid the situation, as SpaceMonkey's Alliance and I WANT ISK are currently at war with each other over alleged embezzlement of alliance funds by an I WANT ISK banker and the scamming of I WANT ISK bankers by SMA. But with the emergence of a soundcloud from the  I WANT ISK VOIP channel, things do not look good for I WANT ISK. The situation is so bad I even read the Reddit post on the subject.

Let me conclude with this thought. Three I WANT ISK bankers "won EVE" due to RMT last year and the website was blacklisted for three weeks from the in-game browser. Something is seriously wrong with the structure of how the I WANT ISK operation is set up. In my opinion, if CCP is not going to pull the plug on I WANT ISK's operation, then players should just stay away from the site. I know that players can make a lot of ISK by working at the site as a banker, but are permanent bans really worth the risk?

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