Friday, January 1, 2016

Gaming New Year's Resolutions For 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Today is the day we usually make resolutions that we never keep about what we will do during the upcoming year. While I was making some resolutions this year in real life (like losing weight), I also decided to make some involving gaming.

I'll start with non-EVE game related subjects. The first one is to get up to level 40 in Dragomon Hunter and write a review on the game. Okay, maybe this doesn't really count, as writing a Dragomon Hunter review is a project I have worked on for the last two months. I currently sit at level 30 but haven't unlocked access to the skill masteries yet. Hopefully I will finish by the end of February. The game is currently in open beta and I would like to write the review before the came does a full launch.

The next involves virtual reality games. As horrible as I am at EVE: Valkyrie, I want to explore the virtual reality systems due out this year. I purchased a Samsung S6 Edge Plus and a Gear VR last year and am enjoying the experience so far. Oh, and for those who want to bash me for spending so much money, my previous phone was an iPhone 4. I really did need an upgrade. However, I discovered I need a chair that swivels 360 degrees, so my experiences are limited. I also have a computer that meets the recommended spec for the Oculus Rift, so depending on the cost, I might pick one of those up as well.

Now for the EVE resolutions. Playing Dragomon Hunter has me wanting to return to doing some of the grindy stuff in EVE again. Like mining. I wonder how low sec mining has changed with the greatly expanded size of grids. I should find out. I might even use Thera as a transit point to go out and ninja some null sec ore, ice, or gas.

I also want to expand my exploration a bit and start running combat sites. So for 2016 I want to come up with two fits, or perhaps I should say packages of fits. The first is for the Stratios. Currently I'm looking at Markus Vulpine's "Deep Space" Stratios fit as an option for extended operations. I may want to find multiple fits and use a mobile depot for switching between them. The second is for a tech 3 strategic cruiser. I hear the Tengu is good, although Mynxee has had good results using a Loki for exploration. Well, when she doesn't run into Apollo Tyrannos, that is.

Not much of a list, but one that should keep me busy in 2016. Last year wasn't a particularly good year for me and I lost some of the enthusiasm for gaming that I had before. But I think with new technology plus a refreshed view of an old classic I might get my game on again.

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