Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ISK Buyers Banned

Yesterday CCP Peligro tweeted out a ban wave involving over 100 players who bought ISK off the black market. I use the term "black market" because the ISK came from hacked accounts. In EVE, players wishing to purchase ISK can do so by buying PLEX from CCP and then selling the 30 days of game time to someone for ISK. Purchasing ISK from a third party results in a 7-day account suspension for a first offense or a permanent ban for a second offense.

We are less than 30 days away from the launch of Ascension, the latest EVE Online expansion coming to Tranquility on 8 November. The introduction of free-to-play elements to online games usually attracts RMTers, botters, and yes, hackers looking to make a quick buck. EVE experienced a huge uptick in illicit RMT activity in February with the introduction of skill injectors and I expect a similar, but smaller, increase in November. If you want to buy ISK, please go through account management or an authorized PLEX reseller to buy PLEX in order to obtain ISK on the market. Going on the black market just isn't smart.

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