Monday, October 24, 2016

Preparing To Go To Vegas

Over the years, preparing my EVE accounts to go on a real life trip has changed. Back in the early days of playing the game (2010-2011), my only worry involved selecting a long skill to train until I got back home. Considering I spent two, and even three weeks, in Bulgaria on business, that sometimes wasn't easy. In the following years, I became involved in planetary interaction and during my first few trips to Reykjavik I also worried about keeping my colonies operating.

For my return to EVE Vegas, my preparations are pretty minimal, both in and out of game. I have to include out-of-game prep because the meta never shuts down. This year, I picked up a portable charger for my phone. One day at Fanfest this year my phone almost ran out of power. I figure I'd forestall that possibility this week. Twitter is a pretty valuable means of communications. I also picked up a couple of things to drop off with The Open Comms show crew broadcasting the night before the convention begins.

In game, the extended skill queue introduced in Phoebe means I don't have to worry about picking out a long skill. I still, however, have to worry about my training time. The Crimson Harvest event gives out cerebral accelerators and I spent part of the weekend collecting them for my three characters currently training. With Biology V, the accelerators give a +10 bonus to all learning attributes for 48 hours. I gathered enough to keep the bonus going until Friday evening Las Vegas time. Unless my laptop magically can run EVE now, I can't use the accelerators while at Planet Hollywood. But I can use them until 2 November, which means I should try to get three more accelerators to use immediately once I get home Monday night.

Finally, doing all the things to prepare for EVE Vegas put a crimp into my quest to build a Nestor. I managed to meet the nocxium requirement, so all I have to do is mine enough ore to refine 8,500 units of zydrine and 3,600 units of megacyte. The zydrine I get from mining hedbergite in low sec and the megacyte from arkonor in null. Yes, I know just taking my Prowler to a trade hub and buying off the market is faster and easier, but I set up some rules for my quest for the great white battleship and this close to the goal I'm not about to abandon them.

I have a couple more days of work before I land in Vegas on Thursday morning. The event should prove interesting if nothing else, especially since I know where the Starbucks is now. I hope I can use my stars for free coffee. I think I'll need it.

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