Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ascension Issues With Email Verification And Two Factor Authentication

With the switch to a freemium business model, CCP needed to increase security to protect user accounts from hackers looking to make some money by draining all your skill points and taking all your money and stuff. Looks like the effort has not gone smoothly. CCP already has a helpdesk article up to help with the transition. I've copy/pasted the current article below:

We've seen a few different issues arise following the Ascension launch and a massive rise in ticket creation so in an attempt to get to as many players as possible, as soon as possible, we have created this article and will keep it updated with new issues that arise.
If your issue does not apply to any of the below mentioned issues, please create a ticket regarding the issue you experience.

Email Verification and Two Factor Authentication

  • All EVE accounts now require Email Verification. This is not optional and customer support can not disable it. However, pinning the account in the launcher and selecting to not ask for codes on the computer again should have the verification only happen once per computer.
  • Following the launch all accounts were also forced through the Two Factor Code Authenticator. Although this was intended the messaging surrounding this caused some understandable confusion. The requirement here is simply that all EVE accounts have verified emails. This secures accounts in such a way that if access is attempted through unrecognized devices, log in locations or similar, a code required to log in will be sent to the email registered to the account.
  • A point of confusion is the fact that even after going through this process, the Account Management page still lists the Two Factor Authentication as being "Disabled". When it technically is not. It can however be "Enabled" by sending a new verification code.
  • So for now, players will have to both verify their email and go through the Two Factor Authentication step to log in (both to the client and the Account Management page).
  • We are working on getting the messaging fixed and for the Account Management page to accurately depict accounts as having Two Factor Authentication "Enabled" when having gone through this process.
  • Keep in mind that the Two Factor Authenticator, which requires you to log in with a code sent to an app or email each time is still optional.
  • For each account you'll only have to go through the email verification and code verification process once.
Not receiving the verification code
  • Please check your spam/junk/trash folders. Or other sub folders of your email to make sure the verification email is not being filtered there.
  • Please do not re-initiate / re-send the verification code multiple times. You might have to wait for a short moment for the code to arrive. If you request a second code before the first has been used, the first one will become disabled. Also be aware that the Two factor code will only remain valid for 10 minutes.
  • If you're still not getting the code please create a ticket we'll assist further.

Localized Launchers / Clients

  • If you are using a localized version of the EVE launcher, and for some reason unable to log in. Please switch over to the English version and try again.
  • If you are using the English version of the EVE launcher, and for some reason unable to log in. Please reset the launcher to Default.
Lost access to email.
  • If this applies you will have to create a ticket. However, this issue will also require us to go through an ownership verification process, so please provide us with required user details (Full Name, Date of Birth, Old Email, Billing Address, and other payment information) to speed up the ticket processing.

Again, if none of the above points properly address your issue, please don't hesitate to file a ticket.

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