Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Guardian's Gala PLEX Sale

With the announcement of the CSM 12 ballot next Tuesday, I started to bury myself in studying the candidates in order to write summaries of the candidates. I'll probably have to throw a lot of the work out when I find out which candidates didn't apply or otherwise make the cut. In order to make the timelines, though, I have to put in the extra work.

But I do have to point out a pretty special sale CCP is conducting for the next week.

That's right, CCP is giving away a set of Angel Cartel SKINs with the purchase of 3 PLEX. I looked and I do not see the SKINs on the market yet, so the PLEX and the SKINs combined are possibly worth 5 billion ISK. A pretty good deal, especially compared to the black market. I was wondering why the price started to drop.

I won't have final black market numbers until the end of March, but with any luck I can write an short analysis of the sale's impact on illicit ISK sales before I fly out to Reykjavik at the beginning of April.

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