Monday, April 9, 2018

Fanfest 2018: Checking In And A Little RMT News

I made it to Reykjavik and my hotel safe and sound. I didn’t buy any alcohol from the duty-free shop, just a giant candy bar which I used to keep myself awake long enough to record ISK prices on the black market. I think that CCP may have taken a large enforcement action this week which didn’t make itself felt until yesterday.

Player Auction ISK prices, 1 January - 8 April 2018

I don’t know if the general price hike I saw when I got to the hotel really was action by CCP or if a cartel formed that got together to do a little price fixing because profits really declined over the past 4-6 weeks. If I run into CCP Peligro, I’ll try to ask.

After taking a nap, I went over to the Harpa to pick up my badge and swag bag. As I got closer, I saw Iceland’s new cash crop: construction cranes.

Construction Cranes Everywhere
When CCP Falcon posted about construction keeping the parade from happening, he wasn’t kidding. The construction in Reykjavik has almost reached the Harpa, with the bus stop in front of the facility already blocked off.

This year, the early registration is only at the Harpa. Unlike past years, the temperature was a balmy 43F when I walked over with little wind. Not only paradise compared to past years, but a whole 10 freedom degrees warmer than Chicago.

Greygal In Charge

When I got to the table around 1600, there was no waiting. I didn’t expect much of an issue on a low traffic day like Monday. This year, Greygal and her team of player volunteers is handling check-in. I asked if she was glad for the extra days of check-ins to work out the kinks in the system. Unsurprisingly, she said yes. I’m pretty sure by the time most of the people come to check into Fanfest, the process will run a lot smoother than what I experienced at EVE Vegas.\

Of course, no event is complete without receiving a little swag. In addition to the traditional Fanfest t-shirt, CCP is handing out a star chart of the sky over Reykjavik the night EVE Online launched. I also received the Rifter USB hub that came with the Collectors Edition. I guess CCP had a bunch extra. In an environmentally-friendly move, this year’s bag is cloth instead of paper, with the Fanfest 2018 logo. I usually just throw the paper bags out, but I might keep this year’s bag.

Some of the contents of the swag bag
As you can see from the photo above, I have a media badge this year. Matterall from Talking in Stations fame was kind enough to let me have one offered to him by CCP. I’m not sure exactly what extra access I get apart from leaving my things in the press area and an invitation to a dinner Wednesday night. I’ll try to take advantage of the access, though.

I don’t thing this post was entirely coherent, but then again neither am I right now. I’m still suffering a little jet lag. I hope to have that problem taken care of by tomorrow.

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