Sunday, April 8, 2018

Setting Off For Fanfest, Foreshadowing, And Sad Tidings

I'm about to leave for the airport and should wind up at the hotel taking a nap in about 12 hours. But before I go off, I thought I'd post a couple of items of interest.

The first is the appearance of a "Triglavian medium." The roleplay description from The Discourse calls the ship a "Singularity Cruiser." For those who want to know more, CCP Burger is giving a presentation from 1200-1300 EVE time on Friday. My personal belief is that the Triglavian Domain will feature prominently in the summer expansion.

The second item is a bit of a sad note. CCP Quant no longer works at CCP.

CCP Quant left a going away post on the official forums.

Hi guys,
Back in January I resigned from my position as Data Scientist at CCP, and now I’ve worked my notice. It’s been 6 years since I joined CCP and I can honestly say that EVE’s awesome player-base was a large factor in me staying for this long. Having played EVE so long, and sharing your passion for EVE Online has definitely made my job easier, but also in many ways harder.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully explaining to my friends and family how it feels to work for a video game company with so many passionate players, not to mention their unending love for graphs and data. Some of whom you get to meet at player gatherings, present to them on stage (clothed or not), be a guest on their tv/radio shows, and just be able to play a role in this awesome community. I’ve made some good friends amongst you guys, and am really going to miss you. A special love to my pub-crawling teams and every one of you I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to! Maybe I’ll see some of you one last time on fanfest this year, as a player.

Also, worry not for I have left the Monthly Economic Report in the good hands of CCP Larrikin!

-Ex-CCP Quant

Maybe I'll run into Quant at Fanfest and I'll get to tell him in person, but he'll be missed.

I'll try to post more than normal during my trip. For now, I have to pack up my laptop and head to the airport.

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