Friday, January 10, 2020

Answering The EVE Holiday Events Survey

A couple of days ago I received a survey from CCP concerning the recent holiday events that concluded Wednesday. I figure, why not use the opportunity to flesh out my thoughts on the content?

Intro page
I should comment that I liked the length of the events. CCP gave player 26 days to log in 13 times. A lot of times in the past players complained about literally having to log in every day to get the final reward. Even though I logged in 13 of the first 14 days, I did appreciate the extra time.

The demographic questions
I have played EVE for over 10 years. Lately my time in all video games has dropped, not just in EVE, so I entered 3 hours or less for question 2. And I mainly prefer PVE.

Screening question
Question 4 is what is known as a screening question. Answer "No", and the survey will show a screen thanking the respondent for his/her time.  But anyone who logged into EVE during that time participated in at least one event, so I answered "Yes".

Questions 5-9
I have 4 EVE Online accounts, 3 Omega (subscribed) and 1 Alpha (F2P). I did claim the daily login rewards on all four accounts. My main account has been subscribed for over 10 years continuously, disregarding a possible day or two not subscribed due to credit card expiration issues.

Ranking the Omega login rewards
I was not a big fan of the Omega rewards. Skill points are always good, and CCP gave out 560,000 skill points exclusively to subscribed accounts. SKINs are nice, although I haven't applied any SKINs to any of my accounts since their introduction in 2015. Next on my list is the Yoiul Festival Snowballs. I like snowballs. I'm also upset CCP melted all of my existing snowballs. Rounding out the items I like was the t-shirt.

That left about half of the items given to Omega pilots things I didn't like. I do not like any of the body augmentations. Not my thing. The Reindeer Filaments were useless. Finally, the HyperCores are part of the gambling system. No thanks!

Ranking the Alpha login rewards
For the Alpha accounts, the best gift was the 60,000 total skill points. I do have to say the 'Polar Aurora' Exploration Suit looks sharp! I just wish we could walk around in stations or something like that. The cap looks okay, but makes characters bald. Festival launchers are always needed. And at the bottom are the useless Reindeer Filaments.

Questions 10-12
For the next set of questions, I did not upgrade an account to Omega during the 13 Days of EVE daily log-in event. Doing so would have gotten me 660,000 additional skill points, plus double the training rate. For what I'm using my alpha account for, though, I don't really need any additional skill points.

I have to admit to cheating on question 11, because I don't remember where I first heard of the event. I follow so many social media sites I could have heard from anywhere. But I answered EVE Online tweet, as I spend a lot more time looking at Twitter than anywhere else.

The last question is how likely am I to participate in a similar event? The answer is likely, since the only time I may have not logged into EVE for three weeks was a business trip I took to Bulgaria in 2011.

Questions 13-14
On the question of which rewards I'd like to see in the future, I answered Skill Points, Boosters, Blueprint Copies, SKINs, and Fireworks. The special travel filaments and HyperCores did not make the list.

My final thoughts on the login event was the event wasn't fun or engaging. All I had to do is login to the character select screen, press the claim button, and then log out. Just another chore to do.

Did I use a filament?
The next question was another screening question. Since I never used a filament, I answered no, triggering the skip logic to the final section of questions.

Did I shoot snowballs at things?
The final screening question appeared. Did I shoot snowballs at players and NPCs? Well, of course I did.

Questions 20-25 (Your numbering may have varied)
As I mentioned before, I had melted snowballs. A lot of melted snowballs. The conversion put in place used 10 old, melted snowballs to create 1 new snowball. Worse, the amount of clicking involved would have introduced carpel tunnel syndrome if I had converted all my melted snowballs to frozen ones. Grrr...

I entered that I received both the holiday filaments and skill points. I think I accidentally did a challenge where I received a holiday filament, thinking I was getting an abyssal filament. By this time, I'm sure everyone knows I answered Skill Points for question 22.

Question 23 threw me for a loop. What PvP challenges? The shooting snowballs at other players? I think I answered no. The few times I did that, I just went to a local trade hub, sat on the undock, and locked someone up. My alpha character couldn't do that because Signal Cartel is permanently war dec'd by P I R A T E.

Did the Chilling Spree event cause me to login and play more than I normally would have? Maybe for the first 3 days, since I cycled through 4 accounts. But after the first 3 or 4 days, I got bored and gave up on it.

For the final question, I don't remember what I entered, because the answer wasn't accurate. If I could have left it blank, I would. I honestly don't care if more or less daily challenges are put in the game. I wanted a fourth option stating "None of the above".

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