Monday, January 20, 2020

Hurricane Hilmar: The Imperium Hardest Hit

Update: 1 February 2020. The original graphs and data used for June 2019 in this post actually were from June 2018. I have updated the graphs. I have also removed all references to Hurricane Hilmar, replacing them with either the correct month (June 2018) or with the year 2019. Once the mistake was pointed out to me, I realize the title of this post should have been "2019: The Imperium Hardest Hit".

I'm finally setting up scripts to parse through the data from the Monthly Economic Reports and produce nice-looking graphs and charts. I decided as a test to play around with, I'd create a pair of graphs that look at the mineral and bounty amounts from June and December. I picked June as the last full month before the Blackout of null sec communications. Unfortunately, my data set wasn't correct and what I got were the amounts for June 2018, not June 2019.

Graph updated on 1 Feb 2020 to reflect correct dates of data

I think the graphs turned out pretty good. The fonts may need tweaking and space added to the right hand side of the graphic. But considering I didn't have to pull the image into an editing program, I'm happy. The only problem I had to handle was Delve not fitting on the top graph.

One of the reasons for using charts and graphs is that visually displaying data is more effective than rattling off a bunch of numbers. So I produced a set of graphs that displayed mining and bounty values generated in Delve in June without using logarithmic scaling of the axis.

Graph updated on 1 Feb 2020 to reflect correct dates of data

I circled Delve on both graphs to show just how large the change in major PvE activities between June 2018 and last month. If you can even read the graphic, the change is huge.

In June 2018, the residents of Delve mined 14.8 trillion ISK worth of ore and collected 11.2 trillion ISK from killing NPCs. In December 2019, those numbers declined to 3.8 trillion ISK and 4.3 trillion ISK respectively. The result was a decline of mining value of 11 trillion ISK and 6.9 trillion ISK in bounties.

I know that The Imperium in general, and Goonswarm in particular, like to say that any nerf will hurt small groups worse as they have the resources to handle any change better than the little guys. But in raw numbers, I have to say The Imperium was the group hit worst by the cumulative changes introduced during 2019. When the amount of the decline in value doesn't even fit on the same graph as every other regions' amounts, that's a pretty big hit.

Oh, and if you could let me know how you like the new chart/graph style in the comments, I'd appreciate it.

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