Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Little Ladies Day, Mounts, And The Fashion Report

I paused my effort to finish all the level 50 crafting classes for a simple reason: inventory. I ran out and worked on freeing up space. But as inventory issues are not really entertaining, I'll post about more interesting things.

International Women's Day was Sunday, and Final Fantasy XIV celebrated with an event named "Little Ladies Day". The event, like every FFXIV event I've partaken in, is rather cute. In the middle of the celebration, a report comes in of a sad little girl. Since that is not allowed, you go out and help search for her. Upon finding her, you discover that she's sad because, while she's allowed out and about, her friend is stuck in the children's ward of a hospital. The rest of the event is dedicated to bringing joy to the children in the hospital.

The Princess's Peach Corsage is the perfect head piece for a non-battle look

From what I can tell, the rewards weren't as big this year compared to the past.  The Princess's Peach Corsage is nice. More importantly, it is dyeable. For those who don't like headgear, the corsage is nice. The other prize, a monocle? Yes, a monocle is too soon. At least I didn't have to pay $69 for one.

All conjurers can get a sparkle unicorn
Now for a mount update. I am still on pace to get Fenrir, the hoarhound mount. I am only 175,000 MGP away, which is about two weeks of casino grinding away. But someone let me know I could have a unicorn. Yes, I missed the level 30 conjurer quest that grants unicorns. So, I picked up the quest, teleported to the zone with the objective, and cast Cure on a unicorn. Took less than 5 minutes. The unicorn even sparkles. At least I didn't need to spend $25 to get one.

Scoring a 94 on the Fashion Report
Finally, the big money-maker for my mount, the Fashion Report. I kept my streak of scoring over 90 points alive, but I needed to use cash shop items to do so. Fortunately, I had already purchased the items back when I discovered the glamour system a couple of months ago.

For the body slot, I crafted a Uraeus Coat. I looked into making Patrician's Gloves for the hands, but wound up using the Songbird Gloves from the 2017 Little Ladies Day event, now found on the Mog Station. Something about the gloves being level 50 and I wanted to do the Fashion Report with my white mage job. Since I don't PvP, I had no shot at the legs, so I used the Songbird Skirt. I also am too low level for the ear slot, so I just went with what I had on. In the head slot, I went with the Little Ladies Day theme and used the new Princess's Peach Corsage, dyed white. Finally, since I was already using cash shop items, I finished off the look with the Far Eastern Beauty's Boots. I scored a 94 with the setup, meaning I should unlock the rest of the items in the Gold Saucer Boutique next week.

Working on my inventory issues
For the week ahead, I need to continue working on my inventory issues, change my character's outfit to something a little less revealing (and with better dyes), and work on my crafting quests. Oh, and level my white mage job. I hit 49 last night and need to get to level 50 to do the final patch 2.0 content.

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