Friday, March 20, 2020

Plans On Covering The CSM Election This Year

Every year since 2015, I have run a Google site with information on the candidates running in that year's election to fill EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management. I've decided not to do so in 2020.

The decision was a long time coming. As the election rules kept changing to favor representatives from the null sec alliances, I asked myself, "Why keep updating the site?" In 2018, I only did so because of CCP Guard. While at Fanfest in 2017, CCP Guard was asking people what he could do to help people better publicize the election. I gave him some feedback and for the CSM 13 election, he implemented the changes. How could I not run the site after he committed to doing a lot more work?

Last year I was totally disillusioned with the CSM voting process. With only a 10-member council, the null sec alliances were guaranteed to dominate the body. But before the voting, CCP Guard left the company, leaving CCP Dopamine to carry on as the CSM liaison. I figured that while I didn't have a major presence, every little bit helps. So, I operated during the CSM 14 election as well.

At this point of the year, we usually have some sort of CSM buzz in the air. Checking out the CSM section of the official forums shows no new posts in the CSM Campaigns section. Since I always relied on the official forums as my primary information source for updating the site, I really can't do anything. Assuming I wanted to. Plus, we have no information about a future election anyway.

In the future, I plan on just allowing the selection process to occur and maybe writing about the result. Doing what I did in the past was at times a full time job. I'm going to leave that to others. Besides, according to my traffic reports, very few people visited the site last year anyway.

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