Friday, March 24, 2023

A Shadow War Event Update

I took a quick look this morning at the progress all four factions were making in EVE Online's Shadow War event. The progress wasn't that impressive over the first 9 days.

Green means completed

I'm pretty sure that CCP would like the event to conclude before the upcoming expansion to launch sometime in the second quarter. The most worrisome faction is the Gallente. So far New Eden's second largest faction (at least lore-wise) is only 5.8% through Stellar Transmuter Development and 1.9% through Transport Relay Development. The other three factions are 4-5% of the way through the hand-ins for the tech trees they are currently researching.

Over the past week CCP has tweaked the drops in the Shadow War content. On Tuesday, the developers "Adjusted the spawns for lowsec Waylaid Courier Salvaging sites, Research Data Node sites and Besieged Research Labs in low security space such that there is a higher amount of sites total and they will now respawn more consistently. Those outside of Factional Warfare lowsec remain unaffected."

Yesterday saw additional drops added to the game.

  • Significantly increased the drop rates of datacore BPCs and components shadow war sites.

  • Added "Scorched Containers" as a rare drop to the hacking containers, courier wrecks and vulnerable labs. These crates contain a small number of Recursive Computing Modules.

In addition, the devs fixed an issue in the contracts system and datacores and datacore components can now be requested as items from buyers in item exchange contracts.

Hopefully the additions will lead to success and the factions will have their research completed before the expansion drops. But I'm still worried about the poor Gallente. What happens if they can't finish the research into the ship caster in time?

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