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EVE: Havoc Patch Notes For The Week Of 4-8 December 2023

I'm not sure how I feel about all the patch notes published for EVE Online this week. Should I feel happiness the developers are jumping on problems, or that the issues weren't discovered until noticed by players on Tranquility global shard? In fairness, not all of the patch notes fixed defects. The final seasonal event of the year, Winter Nexus, came out on Tuesday. Other features received some enhancements to improve usability. One thing I feel confident in saying is the game has come a long way from when I started playing. Back then, if a problem wound up on Tranquility, we'd have to live with the issue until the next expansion in six months.

As I've done a couple of times before during Havoc I'm going to post multiple days of patch notes together, if only to help out everyone logging in over the weekend know what's changed since last Sunday. I'm also going to lump subjects together in an attempt to make finding some of the changes easier.

Features & Changes:


Winter Nexus Patch Notes And YouTube Guides - I added some YouTube guides to the Winter Nexus event created by some EVE Partners on YouTube.

Winter Nexus Themed Character Select and Wreck Icons [2023-12-04.1]

  • In preparation for Winter Nexus, the Character Select Screen is updated, and present icons tagging wrecks of your helpless victims as you claim your bounties! [2023-12-04.1]

  • The EVE Vanguard: First Strike event begins today [December 7th] and runs until December 11th! [2023-12-07.1]

  • During the First Strike event players in Vanguard will add corruption to the Guristas insurgency that is centered in Hevrice whenever they complete contracts. Players logged into the EVE Online client can see the effect of the Vanguard on the corruption levels within this Guristas insurgency through the insurgency UI. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Insurgency systems will now use a triangle instead of square at Corruption level 5 in the autopilot route display. [2023-12-07.1]

AIR Opportunities:
  • AIR Opportunities now opens by default when a player is docked for the first time after downtime. [2023-12-07.1]

  • The Opportunity Details page of Pirate Insurgencies now displays Corruption and Suppression information. [2023-12-07.1]

  • The search/filter/sort header now sticks to the top of the page when scrolling. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Feature pages now include an info icon with a tooltip explaining which opportunities are listed there. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Feature tags now include their feature icon. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Factional Warfare and Pirate Insurgencies opportunities no longer show non-relevant faction sites. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Rewards tab introduced with one unified area to claim all unclaimed rewards for opportunities. [2023-12-07.1]

  • AIR Opportunities now displays how many opportunities the player has in their Active and Rewards tabs. [2023-12-07.1]

  • The claim button in the Opportunity Details page of Corporation Projects now plays an animation when players claim their reward. [2023-12-07.1]

Corporation Projects:
  • New Project Hangars role. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Corporation members with this role will have access to their corporation's Project Hangars. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Project Creation summary. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Each collapsed subsection of the project creation form will now display a summary of what was authored in that section. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Updated the details page for Corporation Projects to include a section that shows the ISK value per contribution. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Info panel entries for corporation projects now show their progress even when collapsed. [2023-12-07.1]
Factional Warfare:
  • Fixed an unintended interaction with direct enlistment where you could remote repair or provide remote assistance to someone who is directly enlisted with a militia with a PVP timer in the same corp as you, while you are not direct enlisted in the same faction as them. This is now treated as a criminal action in high security space.
Homefront Operations:
  • Unique Transmissions will no longer appear after a character has first viewed it. [2023-12-07.1]

  • The cost of Domination Ballistic Control System in the Malakim Zealots Loyalty Store has been increased to 64,000 LP´s and 25,714,300 ISK to match the same price as the Dread Guristas Ballistic Control Systems. [2023-12-07.1]
  • The support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 has ended and it is no longer possible to start the client on those operating systems.
  • CONCORD has updated the security ratings of Villore, Bereye, Hek, and Parchanier to 0.9, 0.9, 0.8, and 0.9, respectively, following another security audit in these systems. CONCORD does not expect further updates in the foreseeable future. [2023-12-05.1]

  • Several empire intelligence networks have been alerted to reported sightings of high-profile members of Arkombine arriving at The Fulcrum in Zarzakh. [2023-12-05.1]
User Interface:
  • Insurgency systems experiencing Level 5 Corruption will show up as triangles in the route instead of squares. Waypoints will still be crosses. [2023-12-07.1]

  • The updated Settings Menu introduced in Havoc is no longer full-screen. It now opens windowed and center aligned. [2023-12-07.1]

  • If players skip the character select screen when logging in and have unclaimed daily gifts, the Daily Login Campaigns Neocom icon will now blink blue momentarily when a player is docked for the first time in a session. [2023-12-07.1]

Defect Fixes:

AIR Opportunities:
  • Agent missions that are in the offered state (not accepted) are no longer auto-tracked after settings are cleared. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Horizontal card scrolling is no longer misaligned for the Epic Arcs and Introductions sections of the Opportunities home page. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Update Post Downtime - We have disabled AIR Opportunities ore anomalies temporarily while we investigate an ongoing issue. [2023-12-08.1]

  • AIR Opportunities ore anomalies were temporarily disabled while we investigated an ongoing issue. They have since been re-enabled. [2023-12-08.2]

  • Disabled opening AIR Opportunities on first dock. [2023-12-08.2]
Corporation Projects:
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to claim their contribution rewards for Corporation Projects. [2023-12-07.1]
  • Ship decals no longer misbehave when zooming in and out. [2023-12-06.1]

  • Addressed multiple issues with applying SKINs and switching ships in Upwell hangars. [2023-12-06.1]

  • Faction emblems no longer appear on traitor NPC hulls. [2023-12-06.1]

  • Fixed multiple issues with errant VFX, decals, and blinkies on various SKINs. [2023-12-06.1]

  • Metamorphosis blueprint no longer has an image of the Sunesis. [2023-12-06.1]

  • Minor tweak to audio triggers when other capsuleers enter/exit wormholes. [2023-12-06.1]

  • Fixed an issue where new Alliance Tournament VFX were erroneously appearing on older Alliance Tournament ship models. [2023-12-06.1]

New Player Experience:
  • Improved off-path handling throughout the experience. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Added additional highlight banners to make instructions clearer. [2023-12-07.1]

  • The Dock button in Selected Items will now stop blinking when warping to the station following the mining experience. [2023-12-07.1]
  • Skipping the tutorial during a camera animation will no longer disable camera controls for the remainder of the session. [2023-12-07.1]

User Interface:

  • Fixed an exception which prevented the corruption score from updating in the info panel for the solarsystem whenever pirates captured an insurgency site. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Fixed an issue where several words were divided in the Settings Window for the German language. [2023-12-07.1]

  • Fixed a defect and exception where the stage value in the guristas FOB system could show an incorrect, very large number after a vanguard contract completed. [2023-12-08.1]

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