Thursday, November 23, 2023

EVE Havoc Patch Notes: Pirate Insurgency Changes 20-23 November 2023

Has anyone else noticed the pirates are doing very well during the first week of EVE Online's pirate insurgency system? Looking at the patch notes, I don't think that result was intended. Over the last few days the developers implemented several changes, with some fairly significant changes going live today. Just because Icelanders tend to speak American English doesn't mean they get to celebrate U.S. holidays like Thanksgiving.

Instead of just doing a copy and paste of all the patch notes, I thought I would do something a little different today. I'll just make a blog post with the changes affecting the insurgency system. I'm pretty sure someone will want to look at the history of the system if insurgencies become a staple of EVE content. Maybe today's post will come in handy someday. I've put the actual patch note the change/fix appeared in at the end of the description.

Features & Changes:

Pirate Insurgencies:

  • Increased the amount suppression gained when the empire militias complete insurgency sites by 33%. [2023-11-23.1]

  • Decreased forecasting time for future insurgencies from 48h to 24h. [2023-11-23.1]

  • When a former insurgency FOB system ends the period of pirate occupancy after a pirate victory, it will now start at 100 points over the victory point threshold required to make the IHub vulnerable, instead of 500 points over the threshold. [2023-11-23.1]

  • Pirate insurgencies will now only spread within the empire space controlled by their primary insurgency enemies. This means that the Angel insurgency will no longer spread into Caldari/Gallente regions, and the Guristas insurgency will no longer spread into Amarr/Minmatar regions. [2023-11-23.1]

  • The factional warfare HQ systems for each empire (Onnamon, Intaki, Mehatoor, and Amo) have a base suppression level of 2 and can never drop below that level. [2023-11-23.1]

  • Insurgency Sites will now give suspect timers to neutral players who are not enlisted with an appropriate militia for the campaign, similar to existing Factional Warfare complexes. [2023-11-21.1]
    • For Angel Insurgencies, players who are not in the Minmatar Militia, Amarr Militia or Angel Cartel will get a suspect timer for entering outpost raid sites.
    • For Guristas Insurgencies, players who are not in the Caldari Militia, Gallente Militia or Guristas Pirates will get a suspect timer for entering outpost raid sites.
    • It’s no longer possible to enter a gated insurgency site with a Warp Core Stabilizer fitted.

  • When a system is at corruption or suppression level 5, more sites will now spawn aside from the Open ADV-1 and Open ADV-5. [2023-11-20.1]

  • Added a note that says “There currently are no active Insurgencies” for the Insurgency Systems agency page if no insurgencies are in the active state. [2023-11-21.1]

  • There is now a pop-up warning when activating a stargate which would take you to a corruption 5 pirate insurgency system. [2023-11-21.1]

  • Insurgencies will now display “LAWLESS” next to the security status in the solarsystem info panel when corruption 5 has been reached. [2023-11-21.1]

  • Corruption 5 High and Low Security systems will now appear in bright red on the autopilot route, and Lawless is included in the tooltip. [2023-11-21.1]


  • The dramatic appearance of the pirate insurgencies has caused the Gallente Federation to begin a security audit of some potentially vulnerable key systems. The Federation Senate headquarters system of Villore has been deemed insufficiently secure given its proximity to the warzone and relatively low security levels. Multiple new Federation Navy facilities have begun appearing in the Villore system and this increased Navy presence has caused the security status of Villore to increase from 0.5 to 0.6.  [2023-11-23.1]

Defect Fixes:


  • Faction NPC police will no longer block capture timers for pirate players if they are spawned inside Highsec complexes. [2023-11-21.1]


  • The Mining Ambush dungeon will no-longer send misleading chatter if the site is contested by both sides fairly equally and one side wins shortly before the other side kills enough cruisers and battleships to cause them to flee. [2023-11-21.1]

  • The evemail message you receive for capturing a dungeon while under the effects of suppression will now correctly contain the bonus LP you got and not just the flat value. [2023-11-21.1]

User Interface:

  • Fixed a rare issue where solarsystem info panel would fail to display if the corruption/suppression service timed out when a client was trying to connect. [2023-11-22.1]

  • Fixed an Issue where the enlistment window could appear blank if a player has stacked it or docked it in another window. [2023-11-21.1]

  • Fixed text being obscured by the icons to swap factions and to the insurgency dashboard in the FW Map window. [2023-11-21.1]

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