Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CCP Shares Its Database With Economists Too

While I was doing research into Eve Online's China server, I ran into another article about in-game economies, this time from the Wall Street Journal.  But unlike other articles I've read, I learned that CCP shares its database with the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology’s (HIIT) Social Media research group, for example, and collaborates with Magnus Thor Torfason from Columbia University’s Business School. 

The article also mentions the University of Southern California's (and Terra Nova contributor) Dmitri Williams, who has done work with over 60 terabytes of log files from EverQuest 2 that SOE made available.  I'm actually thinking about buying the mp3 from a conference that was held in Chicago that discussed some of the work.

Given the recent flap over Activision/Blizzard's planned use of ReadId on the World of Warcraft forums, I wonder what the player base of Eve Online thinks about the sharing of their economic information?

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