Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Failed Tackling 201

Just a brief note on what I did in Eve Online over the weekend.  With Hulkageddon 3 leading lots of outlaws into high-sec, I decided to practice my tackling.  So I camped a couple of gates and tried to tackle the pirates as they flew past on their way to gank exhumers and mining barges.  The result?  I failed miserably.  I only manged to tackle one destroyer and I never managed to get a lock on a pod.  Oh well, I guess I need more practice and maybe need to use a better ship than a Rifter.  Maybe I'll buy a Jaguar and put something good in the fourth mid-slot.


  1. Was a Wolf (Rifter II) that kicked my ass yesterday. :D Course he could have done it in an Atron probably, because of my utter lack of mad skillz - as in, real life clue as to what to do when it happens. Not to mention lack of a warp core stabiliser. ;)

  2. Oh, I didn't lose my ship. I just need better skills, both in-game and at the keyboard.