Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Return to Azeroth

I did something I thought I would never do again.  I re-subscribed to World of Warcraft.  Why?  Because Brenlo did such a fine job of running EverQuest 2 before he was fired that returning right now just isn't attractive.  And I'm not even referring to the whole "rangers are fine" attitude the developers have.  I gave up on that aspect of the game when the EQ2 devs fixed the rangers' mythical bow and the arrow mechanic by nerfing all level 1-70 bows.

With my crafting addiction in full force, I have already created 3 characters.  One thing I like about EQ2 over WoW is that in EQ2 a character can harvest everything.  In WoW you get one or two gathering professions, and you have to raise your adventuring level in order to get past certain caps in your crafting levels.  Also in WoW, you have to level up your character's adventuring level to get to be a high-level crafter.  No level 8 ranger/level 80 woodworkers in Azeroth, gosh darn it.

With that in mind, here is a quick introduction to my characters.

Rosilind - Rosilind is a blood-elf hunter.   Yes, I am playing another ranged class in a race in which I think the female characters look tougher than the male characters.  But the last time I played WoW I played on the Alliance side so this time I'm playing Horde.  That perhaps was not a wise choice since I'm playing on Darrowmere and I understand that realm is dominated by the Alliance.  We'll see.

I'm up to level 12, tamed a Dragonhawk and named him Smokey.  I'm really looking forward to having combat pets, which is something rangers in EQ2 don't get.  Of course, that means I have to do some things like learn how to fish so I can feed my pets.  But that is okay, since the fishing mechanic in WoW is more interesting than that in EQ2.  And for the all-important crafting professions, Rosilind is a skinner/leatherworker.

Sangrerose - Sangrerose is a blood-elf priest with a sassy attitude who managed to become involved in PvP on a carebear server at level 2. As Sangrerose was running around the newbie island as a level 2 priest, she was heading to a quest NPC and what did she find?  A level 58 deathknight space goat camping the quest NPC.  For those who don't know, all quest NPCs are flagged for PvP, which means that, even on a carebear server like Darrowmere, a much higher level NPC can prevent brand new players from progressing through the game.  And with death being pretty meaningless, there is really nothing to stop a much higher level player from doing something like this except a large group of Horde players camping the offending Alliance player.  Did I forget to mention Darrowmere is dominated by the Alliance?  We saw a level 71 come in and kill the space goat, but that was it.  Once the hero Horde player left, the space goat returned.

Sangrerose managed to get killed 3 times while fighting the deathknight.  A level 2 priest fighting a level 58?  Well, all I could really do is taunt the Alliance player, clucking at the space goat and flapping my arms like a chicken, laugh at the thing and even fart on it.  I forgot that clicking on the character attacks him, so the deathknight immediately saw this and one-shotted me.  Then I rezzed at the graveyard and ran back.  Bad move.  I didn't realize I was flagged for PvP for 5 minutes, so the space goat one-shotted me again.

When our own deathknight showed up I buffed him and healed him in the battle.  Okay, not much healing, but I tried.  Then our deathknight left.  The space goat showed back up when I had 30 seconds left on my PvP flag.  Death #3 ensued.

Sangrerose is a tailor/enchanter.  I understand that is a good combination, especially since blood-elves get +10 to enchanting.  I'm a little worried that Sangrerose won't be able to harvest her own cloth, but that's what dps classes like hunters and warlocks are for.  Right now she is level 10 and very popular.  Well, at least from all the invites to guilds she's getting.

Demonrose - Demonrose is a blood-elf warlock who takes too many risks.  I'm at level 11 and I have already died 3 times.  I guess partially that is because I'm still learning to play the class and partially because I took a bad chance and was overwhelmed, dieing twice to accomplish an objective and loot the boss' corpse.

The person who first introduced me to WoW played a warlock as his main, and now I know why.  Pure dps, although having played a ranger in EQ2 for 3 1/2 years I'm pretty aware of aggro so I've been using a lot of DoT (damage over time) spells.  Now I just have to learn to be more careful until I get a pet that can tank better than an imp.  Although the imp is pretty amusing, saying things like "this wasn't in my contract" and "is this really necessary".

For crafting, Demonrose is a herbalist/alchemist.  At first I thought that maybe Demonrose was better off being a tailor, but with all the dead bodies I've been leaving around while picking herbs, I'm glad I'm using a character with a lot of fire power.  If I were really serious about WoW, I would dual-box while doing my gathering, with the second account running a skinner to clean up after her.

One other thing you may have noticed.  I did include screenshots.  After my first experience in WoW in which I had a paladin in grossly mismatched gear, I really want to document just how good (or bad) the gear looks as I progress in levels.  So far, so good.

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