Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are New DED Sites An Adequate Replacement for Anomalies?

While I have heard a great deal of complaining about the great anomaly nerf of 2011, I hadn't heard much about the DED complex addition that was introduced in a dev blog by CCP Big Dumb Object back in February.  Both were introduced in Incursion patch 1.4 that was deployed yesterday.

According to the dev blog, the first DED complexes introduced are all in null security space.
"And if explosions and sarcastic AIs talking about space snacks aren't enough, these new DED complexes will be the exclusive source of several pirate modules previously unavailable in EVE Online. Our predecessors may not have finished their great temples to space piracy, but in their wisdom they fashioned all of the space-magic faction modules the project would require. With each new site, we are introducing into the game this faction-themed loot that the gods always intended to be present, but for the failings of man. That's right, this thing just went biblical.

"So where's this stuff going to show up? First, the new sites in the 6-10 range are being slammed into the sovereignty upgrade system. (Pirates always make good downtime crunch between nullsec sorties.) All new sites are then being seeded into both the exploration and escalation systems like their elder brethren. Difficulties 6 through 10 go to null sec, 4 through 6 go to low sec, and 3 and lower in feel-good high sec."
That's right.  The devs only finished the difficulty 6-10 complexes.

Now, I couldn't find the links, but I thought I read someplace that the devs were looking to substitute items in place of isk as rewards for finishing complexes, misssions, etc. as a means to reduce the flow of isk into the game.  Faction pirate fittings surely are one way to do that.  But the question remains; is the introduction of the new DED complexes enough to compensate for the null sec cosmic anomaly nerf?  I'm a high-sec carebear who noses around low-sec in unarmed ships.  I'm not even going to try to answer the question for all the null sec residents in New Eden.

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