Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Captain's Quarters: An Anti-Botting Feature?

With CCP's War on Bots™ underway, I've engaged in the sport of googling Eve botting sites looking for juicy forum quotes.  I found a couple that gave me the idea for this post.

First, from the RoidRipper forums, where a replacement bot still is not posted:
"I hope the macro will still get support after the station is replaced in incarna."

Second, from came this statement from a moderator:
"The bot will be updated to work with any changes made to eve UI. Unless they remove overview, HUD, local which is highly impossible I see no real threat to botting."
Hmm.  But aren't players forced out of their ships when they dock in Incarna?  And isn't the new UI going to spread UI elements like the market, wallet, inventory, fittings window, etc. throughout the Captain's Quarters?  And won't each of the four races have different layouts in their stations, and thus, four different UI layouts?  And if CCP creates different tiers of quarters, won't there be even more different layouts?

Since bots have to return to stations in order to drop off their ill-gotten loot, won't the changes to the stations pose a challenge to bot writers?  If CCP does Captain's Quarters correctly, I can see bot writers having a challenge on their hands, especially if CCP rearranges the furniture every couple of days.

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