Wednesday, April 27, 2011

They Told My If I Voted For Mike Azariah for CSM6 That ...

... we wouldn't see null sec issues publicly debated in the CSM, and they were right! 

Well, Mike is afraid that with the way The Mittani is structuring the internal communications within the CSM, no issues will really be debated in public and the CSM will just serve as a rubber stamp.
“We are seeing the results but not the process.  I like to see how things are done . . . is it one hero driving through all the issues?  Are people all participating?  Who are the go-getters and who are the slackers?  When I was able to read the raw minutes this sort of thing emerged, allowed me to know what was going on.”
Mike has a point.  Since delegates are now allowed to run for re-election, seeing how the CSM delegates perform is a worthwhile thing.  Now, we don't need to see all the internal discussions.  We could get the same sense of a delegate's worth if during the next CSM fireside chat more delegates spoke.  If we could see that delegates could speak knowledgeably about an issue, we could those views as a basis for a vote when it comes time to possibly re-elect that member.

Mike is what we in Illinois call a "goo goo", which considering this is Eve Online we are talking about is rather appropriate.  Of course, goo goos like Mike lose elections to machine politicians like Mittens most of the time.  But reading Mike is about as close as we get to reading Mike Royko in the Eve universe, especially now that we have a version of The Boss perched atop the CSM.

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