Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mittani's Tweets On The Emergency Sumit, Future Of MT

Breaking news: The Mittani tweeted around 7:00 AM GMT that   "I am confident about non-vanity MT not happening. CCP has to go to apology school but that's sorted now. "

Breaking news 2:  The Mittani's after action report on the summit is now available on Failheap. (1:35 PM GMT)

"Basically I think we won the war, but there's going to be people who will be unsatisfied no matter what. At the point that I think the game is fucked I'd quit and suggest Goonswarm do the same; I don't gain anything by playing or trying to force my people to play a game I think is fucked/a waste of time/etc. " 

Breaking news 3:  The joint communique is now available (2:20 PM GMT)

Last night's Funky Bacon show was a bit disappointing.  He rounded up Council of Stellar Management members Seleene and Vile Rat as well as beat reporter Brendan Drain to discuss the joint CCP/CSM statement that emerged from the emergency CSM summit held of the past two days.  The only problem is that the statement was not released, so the CSM members were limited in what they could talk about due to the NDA over the proceedings.  So I decided to go on Twitter and look for some news.  And he let loose the biggest news of all; he believes that microtransactions in Eve Online will be limited to vanity items.  We will have to await the formal communique for confirmation, but the big yellow question appears to be answered.

I wish I could find a better way of linking tweets, because while Trebor's posts were informative, he has also been blogging about the experience as well.  No such output from The Mittani is expected until his next Ten Ton Hammer article.  So here is a listing of his posts and who he replied to.  I'll color his posts in blue to make it easier to read.

Warning: The Mittani is his usual restrained, cultured self.  Strong language follows.  However, this is not as bad as what we've read about some American politicians tweeting recently.

The Mittani: anyway the whole mess is pretty much sorted out and i said some v. mean things which will be public soon, but you can calm down p much

Litefire01: Sometimes the truth hurts, and in order to make a point it has to sound and be kind of mean.

The Mittani: arnar's a bro but sometimes you got to say harsh things to get shit sorted. i think shit's sorted. babbys will not. w/e, fuck'em

The Mittani: but seriously if i have to come back to this country before december as planned i'm going to be fucking furious, holy mother of god

John4767: Is Iceland THAT bad?

The Mittani: iceland's great when you don't spend a week there like clockwork for three fucking months in a row. march, may, june, argggh

MaladyJ: Holy shit did you really just put in a 19 hour day of crap over internet spaceships? You deserve a big slice of whale.

The Mittani: my whale was overcooked, but yeah. wake up, do summit day, bust our asses. summit doesn't end when meetings end. vOv

Kirai_Severasse: If you are of CSM and worth a damn make sure they dont by pass their change to computer hardware minimum and howit fucked people

The Mittani: hardware requirements go up over time, shit happens duder, that's not the big problem in eve atm vOv

MajorStallion: are our fears about non-vanity MT going to be put to rest for good? Or will this blog be a subtle "its a go"?

The Mittani: I am confident about non-vanity MT not happening. CCP has to go to apology school but that's sorted now

VBechill: Time dilation is the lazy way. They should do it the right way, with threading, user experience should come first

The Mittani: you literally have no idea what the fuck you're talking about codewise and should kill yourself/pay homage to veritas/die

MailDeadDrop: I'm taking a page from Hilmar's playbook: I will look at what CCP does and less of what they say.

The Mittani: yeah you and me and fucking everyone else who plays the game, i completely agree

dalton_steven: not cool about being charged extra for any expansion content but grateful that you gave them harsh reality check

The Mittani: if you don't want any silly space barbie crap just don't buy any, 'charged extra' is hyperbole. idgaf about my barbie vOv

jeffrags: This tells me there much ado about nothing. Shouldn't've dragged you all there - thanks for all your work!

The Mittani: there was a lot ado about ccp having a series of terrible communications failures for which they were vehemently scolded at length

W_T_M: Thank you (from the rest of us) for going all the way over to Iceland, and stating our case to the people in charge of the game.

The Mittani: your welcome. now back to telling people to kill themselves and generally being a sadistic asshole, thank god.

The Mittani: ok gays christ there's a lot of you but i'm really going to sleep now just chill until the statements and video blog release peace out~

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