Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Drink And Fly

After my bout of drunken blogging on Sunday, I decided it would be a good idea to run a couple of level 4 missions.  No problem.  Then it got late (around midnight) and I decided to do one more.  Not such a good idea.  I ran into a Serpetis mission, which was bad for me since I am used to fighting the Angel Cartel.

I was doing pretty good until a couple of spider drones came out and webbed and scrammed Wandering Rose's Hurricane.  Oh oh.  Remember the part about me drinking?  I forgot to load drones in her ship.  That was bad.  And the drinking kept me from realizing what type of danger I was in.  Before Rosewalker's drones could come to the rescue, the Hurricane went "pop".

After killing the spider drones, Rosewalker continued cleaning up the first room, which was a nice piece of change.  But losing a Hurricane was annoying.  Annoying?  I hadn't lost a ship in 7 months.  But I am a long ways away from The Viper's Pit where I lost my last Hurricane.  Back then, I was just on the edge of being able to afford to lose a Hurricane.  Now?  I'm ready to pimp out a new battlecruiser.  After all, a CEO should fly in style, especially when I can afford to lose it.

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  1. Those spider drones are a nasty piece of work if I recall correctly :)