Friday, July 1, 2011

Posts I'd Like To Write Right Now

As day 2 of the emergency CSM summit in Reykjavík begins, I'm actually glad for the slight pause in the news from outside the virtual world of New Eden.  Don't misunderstand, what occurs up there will determine what happens to the future direction of Eve Online and I will continue to cover the story.  But I have other subjects I'd rather write about, if only because writing those stories would mean that New Eden was a happier place.

What is happening in CCP's War On Bots
?  I bet botters are shedding a lot of tears right now.  Why?  Because the increased load the new features are placing on systems have to be affecting the botters who are used to having 4-8 clients running on a computer.  If they cannot run their botting gangs, what is the use of having all of those botting accounts?  I really need to catch up on the botting forums about this.

Another subject I'd like to write about is T2 ship production.  I finally have combat ships rolling off the production lines.  That right, ships.  Over the past week I completed a Wolf, Hound, Stiletto and Rapier.  The process has stalled for a bit as real life has interfered with my game play even more than usual, but I do have the blueprint copies made to start researching Huginn and Vagabond blueprint copies. 

Before New Eden exploded, I was excited to find out about being able to purchase faction ships with tags.  I'm at the point with the Republic Parliament that running level 4 combat missions now makes sense.  Documenting the grind doesn't make for exciting reading, but writing about my nice shiny new Noctis would give me an excuse to post a picture.  I really love the look of the hull and making use of the Primae hull was a smart thing to do.  The Noctis is also an example of what players like about CCP.  They watched what their players did (salvage) and designed a ship to make our lives easier.  At the same time, they listened to other players who thought CCP was wasting art assets on a ship (the Primae) that was destined to be a hangar queen due to its out of production status.  Now if CCP would have paid a bit more attention to players about this whole cash shop thing.

The final thing I'd write about is about a frigate I've rediscovered, the Probe.  Now that I have a Cheetah I'll probably never use it for exploration, but since Rosewalker can't fly blockade runners, having a fast little cargo frigate like a Probe around is nice.  Now to find out if I can something faster than an industrial for those slightly larger loads I sometimes haul around when doing planetary interaction work.

Yes, writing about player vs. developer conflict is interesting and leads to lots of hits.  But life in New Eden does go on and I'd like to write about that too.

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