Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Summertime Blues

Last night something happened that hasn't happened in awhile.  I wasn't excited to either play or write about Eve.  I needed to visit some of the systems while doing my planetary interaction work and so got to fly both the Probe and the Prowler and felt, meh.  Then I finished up the session by flying to a station and finding out my invention efforts had produced two 2-run Vagabond blueprint copies.  I was excited for a little bit, but not enough to run any missions afterward.

I'm not going to blame the whole situation that occurred with CCP's launch of Incarna.  I made my peace with that while Monoclegate was going on.  Eve is a sandbox and just because CCP changes the rules it won't affect the way I approach the game.

Nope, I'm blaming real life.  Again.  Some things are happening that have lead to some long days, which isn't so bad but this time it has led to earlier starts of the work day.  Less sleep means less excitement when I do get some time to play because I just want to get some sleep.  That's what happened last night.

I'll probably write a little bit about what is happening in the upcoming weeks because I think I can get a couple of gaming related posts out of them.  Hey, I accept most types of inspiration for posts.  In fact, writing a post about basically nothing just gave me an idea for a post.  So tune in tomorrow for something more interesting.

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