Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Now Preparing For The SOE Community Address

No news is good news, I hope.  Yesterday CCP held press conferences covering "Monoclegate" and the player unrest that accompanied the launch of Incarna and the Noble Exchange.  As of the time I write this, I haven't read any blistering pieces from the gaming press, although I'm waiting for the podcast DJ FunkyBacon said he was recording last night to be posted to the Eve Radio site before feeling confident that CCP surpassed expectations and avoided putting their feet in their mouths again.  Perhaps the biggest indicator that all is getting better is that New Eden's tabloid press of Eve News 24 and Eve News are silent on the subject.  I'll be waiting to hear what Eve Tribune has to say on the subject.

That just leaves the upcoming news from Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming Fan Faire.  I really, really want to bury the rumors of SOE purchasing a major stake in CCP and silence from SOE CEO John Smedley (aka "Smed") would do the trick.

Why am I so anxious about this despite the official CCP denial?  For that, please read's Karen Bryan's article on how SOE introduced RMT to EverQuest 2, my home before moving on to Eve Online.  I lived through a lot of that and I really don't want to see that happen to Eve.  I have no problem with vanity items, but some of the other items?  I don't like it.  I left the game before SOE started selling mounts in the cash shop, but some of the recent changes are just strange.

Since I plan on watching the Community Address on, I figured I'd look around for some information.  First, 2 hours?  Really?  I agree with Feldon on EQ2 Wire that with everything going on how is the Community Address going to last 2 hours?  I'm starting to get a little nervous. 

But what about substance?  The Ancient Gaming Noob pointed out that Planetside Next will likely be announced.  Hmmm.  I guess with DUST 514 being a MMOFPS console shooter that there is room for a MMOFPS PC shooter.  Karen Bryan speculates on the future on the EverQuest franchise, including EverQuest Next and a 25th class for EQ2.  And over the weekend SOE announced the introduction of a cash shop into DC Universe.

If I were still playing SOE games, I would really be interested in watching the Community Address.  Okay, call me paranoid, but I'm interested in what is going to happen in Las Vegas Thursday.  I've registered for getting the feed and hopefully will find nothing concerning Eve Online.

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